“Sinkpayak” ready to fight

An old muay thai champion of Rad Cha Dam Neon from Thailand  , Samrandet U.Muban Chombueng Rajabhat who is a Sinkpayak’s trainer guarantees preparedness of his good student. Sinkpayak have a confident 100% to fight Eakrit U. Bangkok Thon Bu Ry. He announces that this fight will be the best fight, he has advantage by his shape and fight in night is better than daylight.

Sinkpayak U.Muban Chombueng Rajabhat camp is a famous muay thai tournament of Kiattipetch color 7 War on Monday 18 February will fight Eakrit U. Bangkok Thon Bu Ry on Dao Rung Chujarern War of a promoter, Aang Mor, Chujarern Raweearamwong at Rad Cha Dam Noun Stadium on Afternoon’s Tuesday ago. Muay Thai Daily interview Samrandet U.Muban Chombueng Rajabhat that “After finish the fight with Deonpe Kiatkomsing muay thai training camp on channel 5, I relax 5 days and training so my body is ready to fight 100%. I think to win Eakrit easily because I have advantage by my shape, my skill and the fight is held on the night time that I can fight better than daytime. In daytime, I cannot fight faster and not good so I want muay thai fans watch my great skill. If you cheer Sinkpayak, you will get a prize come back. Mr. Mor’s muay thai fans should not worry, I have a confident to take Sinkpayak to fight on Dao Rung Chujarern War” Samrandet announced around the University.


“Shan” confirm to bet at least 1 million

Shan Mouengchon confirms the initial bet 1 million in a fight between Sansak Petchbancha muay thai training camp and Songniyom Pumpanmoung muay thai camp . They will create the colorful for Prai Anan War on 26 February and also the gambling two hundred baht fights between Mekpayak Lunghonghin with Petchsimok Petchbancha.

Shan Mouengchon guarantees a gambling fight in Prai Anan War in Thailand on Tuesday 26 February. In that day, we will have two fights and real gamble that follow by rules is a fight of Sansak Petchbancha with Songniyom Pumpanmoung. The two sides confirms the initial bet 1 million for each side 5 hundred thousand Baht and they also want to improve the gamble because the manger said this money is not enough to share. The other fight is gambling two hundred baht between Mekpayak Lunghonghin with Petchsimok Petchbancha. Those two fights will entertain for Prai Anan War.

There are many to fight from other camps ; Wanchana A.Bunchoi fight Bangpleenoi 96 Peenang, Sansatan S.Suradet beat Petchsajoen S.Yupinda, Nakamura A.Piriyapunyo fight JRY Songpenong, Sinktong A.Kamin fight Kompayak T.P. Nakamhai, Pudpadnoi Luknonghan fight Dennamchai Jachaikonsoub muay thai camp , Petchyodeak Petchjarern fight Detsuriya Berkrekgym and the last is a fight of Sinkdam 2 S.Suradet with Yoddounpe T.Manoraksa.


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