“Sakeddao” Hunts “Yodvicha”

Sakeddao Phetphayathai muay thai training camp, ex-championand a Championship Thailand PrincessCup degree, participates in a fight at Lumpini muay thai stage on 8 March, 2013. He will battle with Singdum Kietmoo 9 gym, which it’s a suitable battle, and it is a test before fighting with Yodvicha Boonsit camp in the next fight.

Sakeddao, ex-champion and a Championship Thailand Princess Cup degree, gets a new competitor after he won Mongkolchai from last fight, so he is able to join the battle at Lumpini Kirk Krai championship muay thai stage once again. This is the lightweight battle (130-135 pounds) with Singdum Kietmoo 9 gym on Lumpini muay thai stage along with Yodvicha, Thailand’s champion. Sakeddao who is the ex-champion and a Championship Thailand Princess Cup degree said “It’s good to know that my competitor is Singdum not Yodvicha because if I fight with Yodvicha in the first battle, I will lose for sure. But I will battle with Singdum, so it is a relief. My techniques and skills right now cannot go against Yodvicha. Moreover, I got another advantage of 2 pounds, so it’s easier to win Singdum. This is a beginning of getting to Yodvicha in the future.”


“Saan” is Rising

Ood Lamae, the staff of the Black Knight championship , expressed that he was really surprised by his nephew, Saan Pinsinchai after he fought and won a senior fighter llike Chaopahin, Ittisuttho’s boxer, in The Black Knight Championship on Sunday17 February 2013 in Thailand. He is sure that Saan can become one of his top boxers in the Pinsinchai Muay thai camp.

Although Saan has not trained often because he have small chances to fight with other on channel 9 once in a while. But his skills are perfect because he beat Chaopahin, Ittisukko’s boxer, in a fight making the fans surprised by his ability to beat the senior boxer. Ood Lamae, the staff of The Black Knight championship, believed that Saan Pinsrichai muay thai training camp will bring reputation to the muay thai camp and replace other old generation boxers from Pinsrichai Muay thai camp such as Berkthip or Saancheung. What he needs to do is to constantly battle with other boxers and gain more experience to be able to grow in the boxing industry.

“Saan is a good fighter, his skills and techniques are fantastic. He only needs time and experience to be a professional boxer in the future, and he can earn a lot of money for Pinsinchai Muay thai camp.” Said Ood Lamae

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