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“Chareanthong” is ready to join.

“Teacher Ped” or Chareanthong Kertbanchong muay thai training camp revealed that “I was satisfied about my performance to win Franky in W.M.C. program at Samui Island with funniness. Besides, I would like to call for my confidence prior to join in the next program that Sia Nao will setup on this May.”

Then, for the last 20 years ago the name of Chareanthong Kertbanchong muay thai training camp was spreading out through our country in Thailand and he was the champion of Lumphinee muay thai stadium which received 200,000 baht per match. Besides, he had fought with Samat Phayakarun muay thai camp as same as Nampon Namkhabuan , Nongkeephahuyut , Wanchannoi S. Palangchai muay thai training camp , Cherry S. Wanit , Phetdam Luakbanrai , Chamuakphet  Hapalang , Phanomthuanlek Hapalang and others. However, recently he had quitted from fighting and turned to open for the boxing camp at Yangmengchai area instead.On the other hand, Chareanthong still has a lot of well-known singers and movie stars to become into his disciples for several ones.

However, now Chareanthong has come back to fight in the boxing circle again by the inviting of Sia Nao for grasping the champion of 300,000 baht. Besides, Chareanthong or the former Southern boxer has accepted for this proposal. Then, for the last monday, he has returned to fight in the boxing circle again with his  44 years old beginning by fighting with Franky in W.M.C. at Samui Island on Phuket province among the thousand sights of the muay thai fans. As the result, he could win the score of Franky with impression of all the muay thai fans throughout the muay thai stadium.

Later, the reporters has received the revealing from the teacher Ped for this program that  “I was satisfied to make the great form until make the happiness to everyone again. Besides, indeed Franky has his severe fist , but I could endure him and use my experience to win him at last. On the other hand, I was satisfied in this game because it should be understandable that I have quitted from fighting for 20 years now and my age is more than other boxers from other muay thai camps . Then, I think it was ok and I will pay attention to grasp for the championof 65 kg. that Sia Nao will setup. Thus, I would like to let the muay thai fans to encourage me also.”