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“Kongchak” is hopeful to be the muay thai champion in Thailand.

Pok Mahachai revealed that in this time Kongchak S. Thuanthong P. Paoin would like to back for being the quality one. Then, he has practiced himself hardly everyday including on Songkran day. Besides, he has practiced himself in N and P boxing gymnasium  every day until now his body condition is perfect. Then, in the next match , he might face with Phetthongkham A. Sanitphan muay thai training camp on Suek Bangrachan to fight in 152 pounds broadcasted on this 25th April in 2013 , so this program might be joyful and exciting.

Pok Mahachai revealed that “Everyone shouldn’t be worried due to his unfit as the past because now after Kongchak S. Thuanthong muay thai camp has back to train himself with the teamwork of Suek Bangrachan and joined in P.Paoin boxing camp already. Besides, he has more good attentions to fight and would like to back for being the good one again. What’s more, he has practiced himself harder including on Songkran day by practicing in N and P Boxing gymnasium every day. Then, now his body condition is perfect and ready to face with Phetthongkham A. Sanitphan who had just lost the score of Kanongseuk Chuwattana muay thai training camp. Thus, I think that this meeting of both of them  on this 25th April in 2013 might be exciting for sure by fighting in 152 pounds.”

Furthermore, for the couple boxers in Suek Bangrachan on this match ,  the commander Prachuab Paoin , Vanbowy Jarinphathum and Pok Mahachai have made the lists of boxer beginning with the master couple boxer ; namely ,  Chofa TorSangthiannoi muay thai training camp facing with Chankit Aekbangtrai  as well as the second couple boxer ; namely , Sangdaew S. Kittichai muay thai camp facing with Sriphattanalek Kert P. Chaidate and other couple boxers ; namely , Muengpon N and P Boxing gymnasiam facing with Phetphusang Tanasakkhonsong , Pradukham P. Riangram facing with Khadsanit Dragonmuaithai , Yodthongchai Sitjakon facing with Phetnoi Ch. Khaoyuhaisuzu muay thai gym and others from muay thai camps.