“NongBeer Chokngamwong muay thai camp “might fight with amusement with good training from Thailand .

MitNakorn confirmed that “All the times NongBeer Rungphet had fought with funniness and impression to the muay thai fans in every matches ; he revealed to the reporters of Muai Siam after bringing NongBeer Chokngamwong muay thai camp to face with Rungphet of 5 stars chicken inSuekOneMitChai and SuekPhetwisate in the superfight of this 8th August 2013 at Rachadamnern boxing stadium in Thailand . Besides, in the past , this couple boxer had fought with each other forseveral matches with funniness and awesomeness  , so for this fight it will be the same way for sure.

Thus, for this new match broadcasted on this 8th August 2013 , it will be favored to the muay thai fans because of the good performance of NongBeer and good knees of Rungphet. However, it is depending on styles of them than other fields.

“Chorfa” is ready to fight with”Sia Kim”

“Tu” or Sangthiannoi S. Rungrote confirmed about the training of Chorfa T. Sangthiannoi muay thai training camp which is perfect and is ready to fight with Sia Kim SitSortorTaew Camp for sure. Then, the muay thai fans should feel comfortable because Chorfa might fight with his full performance of course.

For the current news of Chorfa T. Sangthiannoi , the promoter Thongschai Rattanasuban has made him to fight with Sia Kim Sit Sortor Taew as the eighth couple boxer of  SuekOneThongChai that will broadcast on this Monday of 5th August 2013 at Rachadamnern Thai boxing stadium.

Besides, Tu Sangthiannoi revealed to the teamwork of Muai Siam that “For this fight, my boxer is diligent to practice himself continuously until his body condition is perfect and is ready to fight with Sia Kim. Moreover, this time my boxer has practiced himself the best ever in his life , so I am confident that my boxer can overcome Sia Kim by kneeing him for sure.

Sangthiannoi said that “The muay thai fans from Thailand doesn’t have to be worried because this time my boxer might fight with his full competent with his strong will to overcome Siakim because of not afraid of this style boxing.”

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