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“Tsunami muay thai training camp ” is still hot to face with anyone from Thailand or camps.

Tsunami Ch. Chaiwat muay thai training camp still show his good form after winning the game by fighting with Rotlekchaotalaythong or the disappear senior boxer that has his not good body condition , so on the next match if Tsunami will fight with whom ,  it can inform to the teamwork Kertphet or Sia Chun Kertphet also.

The teamwork of Muai Thai Ched See reported on 657 radio that “After Tsunami showed his hot form and moved to practice at Phetphayathai Thai boxing camp , he had performed his good task all the times. Then, in the past , he fought in the countryside boxing camp , but now the head boxing camp or Cha Sortor Chaiwat had brought him to practice at Phetphayathai boxing camp.  Then, for the last matches ,the boxing fans could see his form on channel 7 to overcome Riaaek T. Thepsuthin muay thai camp with several points as same as overcoming Sia Samut Kertchareanchai on the last match on last Sunday as the master couple boxer of Suek Muai Thai Ched See and overcoming Rotlek Chaotalaythong with several points also. As the result, the boxing fans of Tsunami would like to watch him to fight with anyone , so it should tell the teamwork of Ketphet or inform to the teamwork of Muai Thai Ched see to make the list of Tsunami to face with any interested one.”

“Onechalong and Ponkit” will fight with funniness.

Although they are the close boxing camp , they have to face with each other. Moreover, One Chalong Sitsornong might face with Ponkit Ch. Chienkamon on the next match and they both come from the big boxing camp by the supporting of Chanu Thongphrasom and Phuyai Ood Banchareansuk. Then, whoever will gain most money  , it will know the result later.

Noi Muengnon said that “For the second couple boxer of Suek Chitmuengnon between One Chalong Sitsornong and Ponkit Ch. Chienkamon broadcasted on this Thursday of 3rd October 2013 at Rachadamnern boxing stadium, it is the interesting one.

Moreover, Chun Kertphet had made the list of Somchit Wankaew to fight with his couple boxer in 116 pounds only. However, on the other day, Noi Muengnon or the public relation employee had given the news that “As I viewed for this work of 2 boxing camps , I accept in this game it might be amusing because they both live in Chachoengsao province in order to fight in Suek Darby Match in Padreaw. Thus, this couple boxer might be favored to the boxing fans as the great couple boxer to fight in 115-116 pounds. However, between Sitsornong or Ch. Chienkamon , whoever will be stronger must be proved. As the result, the boxing fans all have faith in both boxing camps with 100 percents.”