“Sawake” had made the list of the fresh couple boxer from good muay thai camps .

The muay thai fans in Thailand  is favored after Mike Sit Chaesairung or the famous star of channel 9 will face with Phrasertsak S. Prasobchok muay thai camp as the both fresh boxers ; the commander Sawake Phinsinchai might make the list of this couple boxer as the master couple boxer to fight on this 27th  October 2013.

Besides, Mike Sitchaesairung or the fresh boxer has grasped the champion for several matches , especially for the last year. Then, he never lose to anyone with his tall and good strategies with stable mind in order to create the good form until becoming to be the new star of channel 9. Lately, he will face with the good boxer from Rachadamnern Thai boxing stadium or Phrasertsak S. Phrasobchoke muay thai camp or the strong knee boxer under the supporting of Otea Charumeung or the promoter Phrawit Kongthongsamut as the master couple boxer of Suek Atsawindam on  channel 9 on this Sunday of 13rd October 2013. Thus, the muay thai fans all praise that this couple boxer is the perfect match because they are from the famous muay thai camps .

Oud Lamare or one of the teamwork said that “It will be the direct match for Mike Sitchaesairung and Prasertsak S. Prasobchok fighting as the master couple boxer of Suek Atsawindam on this Sunday of 13rd October 2013 because of his both fresh form. In addition, Mike always have his more advantages with his tall and long shape , but Prasertsak has more advantages for his strength. Then, it would be amusing , especially for the muay thai fans that don’t know to cheer whom because of his both good performance.”

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