Adjust the fabulous list of Chedsee couple boxers.

For Suek Muai Thai Ched See on this Sunday of 15th December  2013 , There will be the changing of the couple boxer list from the original couple boxer or Kengkat P. Pekko facing with Sornthong S. Yingchareonkarnchang to fight as the second couple boxer instead. However, The promoter Chun Kertphet and the referees of Channel 7 would like to create the greatness of program by increase the master couple boxer or Chalarmthong facing with tsunami.


Besides, Singkaserm revealed that On this Sunday , there will be the changing of the couple boxer list from the original one or Kengkat facing with Sornthong as the master couple boxer to be the second one. On the other hand, there will be the increasing one to make the good rating of channel 7 in Suek Muai Thai Ched See by adding another severe couple boxer between Chalarmthong Sitphanon or the top form boxer who just overcome Aphisit KTyim beautifully to face with Tsunamni Ch. Chaiwat in 132 pounds. Then, these excellent 2 couple boxer might make the greatness to the program for sure.”


Therefore, There will be other superb couple boxers ; namely, Sakulchailek  Dabphangnakornbarn facing with Sangthian S. Sornsing muay thai camp and the first couple boxer or Onemeechok Phuhongthong facing with Chiabkhad P. Phongsawang muay thai training camp as well.

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