Just fight in specific weight.

“Palae” or Kertthongrit Sitbunmee revealed that “He never dispute about the couple to fight , but if there is the suitable weight to fight , he is ready to fight for sure. Besides, now he is ready to fight with Nong O of 5 stars chicken as another match with his good body condition to ensure for being the winner.”

For 57th Suek Lumphinee birthday broadcasted on this Tuesday of 3rd December 2013 ,  it is in the interest current much after Sia Nao has made the lists of several well-known boxers to prove their talents in order to grasp for the champion with the history for 9 couple boxers that the muay thai fans all admire.

After Kongsak Sitbunmee has been made the list to see Nong O of 5 stars chicken in this match , the reporters had been revealed from Paelae Kertthongrit or the talented trainer of Sit Bunmee boxing camp located at Amphur Phrakhonechai at Burirum province that “For this match , Kongsak has trained himself excellently with no problem although in this time he has to fight in 132 pounds. However, If the promoter had considered well about this subject , he would not dispute about this subject in order to fight with his full performance.”

Paelae revealed that “For Nong O , he took turn to win and lose him for each of 1 time and then for the last time , he stopped to be on duty of solider for a long time prior to fight on this match , so he was the loser. However, now he had just defeated both Phetphanomrung and Phetbunchu , except for only Sanchai , so he is confident much to be the winner , especially for his having good body condition to fight.”

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