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“SiaMor” guaranteed for his 2 disciples.

SiaMor or Chuchareon Raweearamwong confirmed that his both master disciples ; namely, Chomthong and Khanongsuek Chuwattana can come to fight with foreign boxer in Suek Max Muai Thai on this Sunday of 25th May 2014 at ASiaTeak Chareonkrung of course. Moreover, there will be the inviting of every Thai Muay Thai fans to cheer up them in order to guarantee that both of these disciples have their good strategy to fight for the Muay Thai fans for sure.

For Suek Max Muai Thai broadcasted on this Sunday of 25th May 2014 at ASiaTeak Chareon Krung Thai boxing stadium , there might be the broadcasting on CTH channel that have 2 famous boxers in Chuwattana Muay Thai camp ; namely, the former excellent boxer of Burirum province or Chomthong Chuwattana and the recent World champion Amateur Thai boxer fought in 75 kg. at Langkawee Island to join in this program with foreigners.  Lately, SiaMor revealed that for this fight , they practiced with the foreign boxers continuously with better body condition. Moreover, now the boxers in their Muay Thai camps always be the winners. Then, he is assured that he might not make the disappointment to the Thai Muay Thai fans for sure.

How to choose a good Muay Thai camp in today ?

Muay Thai can be a dangerous sport if it is practiced without supervision of a professional trainer. That’s why you need to find Muay Thai camps with professional trainers teaching authentic Muay Thai.

In order to find a good Muay Thai training camp, you should look for one that promotes a positive atmosphere of understanding and learning this sport. Good Muay Thai camp has trainers that teach suitable Muay Thai techniques on different types of students, because people join Muay Thai camps for different reasons. Quality Muay Thai camp is also focused on constant upgrade and evolving. They invest in their trainers which must guide the students to the whole process of mastering Muay Thai and provide detailed instructions for mastering every Muay Thai technique.

It is always a good idea to ask some of your friends or relatives who has been to Thailand (no matter if he was there to train Muay Thai or on a vacation). They can share some of their experiences with you and point out a good place for Muay Thai training. You can also perform an online research and read reviews about certain Muay Thai camps. See if the camp that you are interested in, has some trainers with good experience and possibly students that have achieved something in this sport (are they par tof some Muay Thai competitions or maybe even won some of these competitions).

A good Muay Thai camp has different programs in their offer. If they are offering weight loss programs, professional training programs or fitness programs it means that they are serious and they know how to work with different categories of students.

If you are a foreigner you should look for a camp that already has some experience with foreigners (so you can communicate easily with the staff) and a camp that is located near some attractions because although your main focus will be training you should also check some of the attractions in Thailand while you are there.

Remember that this process might take some time but joining a good Muay Thai camp in Thailand means that you will get the most of these intensive trainings!

Ponlakrit” increase his weight to fight with “Dang”

Chun Kiattipetch, a popular promoter who hold on the Kiattipetch War to begin the new Lumpini Thai  Boxing Stadium in Thailand with great success in all respects. He continue to find a good fresh boxer that Muay Thai fans of channel 7 in Thailand  want to watch continues at Thai boxing stadium Channel 7 . Continue reading

“Susak” come to Bangkok for control rigidly.

Su Sak from South has come to take care of Daewtrang Sakniranrat at Khaoyuhaisuzu on Romkhlao Suwannaphum closely ; he confirms that his boxer’s body condition is perfect in order to fight with Kotchasarn W. Wiwattananon on Suek Chuchareon Muai Thai broadcasted on this Wednesday at Rachadamnern boxing stadium. On the other hand, in the earlier Daewtrang looked better , but now Kotchasarn look fresher.

For the current news of Suek Chuchareon Muai Thai , it will broadcasted on this Wednesday of 30th April 2014 at Rachadamnern boxing stadium by the supporting of Sia Mor or Chuchareon Raweearamwong. Therefore, there will be the master couple boxer ; namely, Daewtrang Sakranrat or the vice champion of Siam Om Noi facing with Kotchasarn W. Wiwattananon for the first time in 126 pounds equally. Besides, on last Monday Evening the reporters of Muai Siam Daily have asked to Susak Thawee Niranrat or the senior boxer of Daewtrang about the preparedness and readiness of his junior boxer.


Then, Susak said that now Daewtrang has practiced himself harder than any match for more than 10 days now , so Daewtrang’s body condition is perfect with 100 percent. However, now Daewtrang’s weight is over for 3-4 pounds ,but now he has come to take care of Ch. Khoyuha boxing camp of Sia Charnharnthongdee for several days also. Thus, it can guarantee with 100 percent to overcome Kotchasarn because of the freshness and good strategy.

Later, Susak said that at that time Daewtrang has lost to his couple boxer due to the poison ; however, now he feels better with no poison left over. On the other hand, that poison made Daewtrang urined non-stop or it is the diuretic medicine. However, it isn’t the medicine to make people fainted instantly.

” SangsawangPhanphla Muay Thai training camp” complained not to fight less than 122 pounds in Thailand .

Tae Lamtrai accepted that Ninsiam SangsawangPhanphla Muay Thai training camp or the boxer in his Muay Thai camp has bigger size , so he should fight in 122 pounds after fighting with Daewfai Sitchakung. Later, he would like to fight in at least 122 pounds because his strategy might be good.

According to the last match , Ninsiam Sangsawang Phanphla has drew to Daewfai Sitchakung with funniness in Suek Muai Dee Witheethai for fighting on last Saturday of 29th March 2014. However, Ninsiam has accelerated in the final round until drawing with his couple boxer ; however, now he is hardly to reduce his weight. Thus, in the next match he would like to fight at least 122 pounds to show his good strategy and show the beautiful form to be the master boxer in the future.

“Fahsathan” is in the top form.

Now , Fahsatan is in the top form and is ready to fight in the next match ; moreover, now Chun Kertphet has made him to fight with King Kertchareonchai as the master couple boxer in Suek Muai Thai Ched See on this Saturday of 20th April at Rachadamnern boxing stadium. Thus, now Fahsatan has his chance to fight in the next match surely.

Moreover, the reporter has been revealed from Sia Mon Namsangkosang or the supporters that he would like to thank for Sia Chun Kertphet who assigns work to him continuously until Fahsathan can create the excellent form as well as thanking for Nong Rak or the commander Wichai Rachanon to bring Fasatan to us for fighting in every match.

Sia Mon revealed that he would like to thank for everyone who bring Fasathan to fight in every match because he never lose to anyone; moreover, on this 20th April 2014 he might fight with King Kertchareonchai , so he is confident that he might be the winner of the game. However, he would like everyone to send his boxer the encouragement also.

“Wittaya Muay Thai camp” is popular, have been contacted by many promoters in Thailand

Wittaya Muay Thai camp admits that he have been contacted by many promoter in town but he have not decided at this time to be with anyone. He like this present and collaborate with friends, Duang Sakchaichod and later decided to be with anyone.

Wittaya Petchsimhen and Muay Tha camp , a manager of Petchsimhen reveals his mind to Muay Siam reporter that has been contacted by many promoters in town but he have not decided at this time to be with anyone. He like this present and collaborate with friends, Duang Sakchaichod and later decided to be with anyone.


“Now like this present and collaborate with friends, Duang Sakchaichod. If anyone wants my children to fight, you can ask to contact. If it’s appropriate, I was ready to send him fight but if not, I will not accept. Although I do not belong in the gym this time but I have to protect boxers because if it work, I will not let boxers was kick in the boxing ring” A manager of Petchsimhen saids.

Riddick Bowe in Muay Thai

Wincing in pain and clutching his shins, Riddick Bowe ended his debut in Thai kickboxing with a thud in the second round from Ustoday News   .

The 45-year-old former world heavyweight boxing champion came to a rude awakening on Friday that Muay Thai is just as punishing.

“It’s much harder than boxing,” Bowe said after limping out of the ring.

Bowe took a big beating from his 30-year-old Russian opponent Levgen Golovin, who assaulted the former champion with repeated kicks to the shins.

Bowe lost his balance and fell five times before the bout was ended by technical knockout after his last fall.