How to choose a good Muay Thai camp in today ?

Muay Thai can be a dangerous sport if it is practiced without supervision of a professional trainer. That’s why you need to find Muay Thai camps with professional trainers teaching authentic Muay Thai.

In order to find a good Muay Thai training camp, you should look for one that promotes a positive atmosphere of understanding and learning this sport. Good Muay Thai camp has trainers that teach suitable Muay Thai techniques on different types of students, because people join Muay Thai camps for different reasons. Quality Muay Thai camp is also focused on constant upgrade and evolving. They invest in their trainers which must guide the students to the whole process of mastering Muay Thai and provide detailed instructions for mastering every Muay Thai technique.

It is always a good idea to ask some of your friends or relatives who has been to Thailand (no matter if he was there to train Muay Thai or on a vacation). They can share some of their experiences with you and point out a good place for Muay Thai training. You can also perform an online research and read reviews about certain Muay Thai camps. See if the camp that you are interested in, has some trainers with good experience and possibly students that have achieved something in this sport (are they par tof some Muay Thai competitions or maybe even won some of these competitions).

A good Muay Thai camp has different programs in their offer. If they are offering weight loss programs, professional training programs or fitness programs it means that they are serious and they know how to work with different categories of students.

If you are a foreigner you should look for a camp that already has some experience with foreigners (so you can communicate easily with the staff) and a camp that is located near some attractions because although your main focus will be training you should also check some of the attractions in Thailand while you are there.

Remember that this process might take some time but joining a good Muay Thai camp in Thailand means that you will get the most of these intensive trainings!

Ponlakrit” increase his weight to fight with “Dang”

Chun Kiattipetch, a popular promoter who hold on the Kiattipetch War to begin the new Lumpini Thai  Boxing Stadium in Thailand with great success in all respects. He continue to find a good fresh boxer that Muay Thai fans of channel 7 in Thailand  want to watch continues at Thai boxing stadium Channel 7 .The important match is the boxer stars of Lumpini, S.J. Wichitpadrew muay thai training camp who drop his weight to fight with Dang S.Pleanjit. This Muay Thai news is from Bestmuaythai 2014-04-10  .

The important match of Muay Thai 7 colors is very great because a promoter, Chun Kiattipetch take the top boxer who fights on the big match million baht, S.J. Padrew to fight with the fresh boxer, Dang S.Pleanjit in the great match of tournament boxing in this weekend. This fight it very suit. If Mr.Chun take them to fight on normal day, he can set the ticket price 270 bath easily but he take them to fight for boxing fans. Singgasem Banponlameungdee guarantee that they will make an excite match for tournament boxing fans around country.


The second match is Sornchai S.Yingjarern Engineering fight with Wadduang Kwangjern U.Radchapat Jom Bung, Jaising T,Pran 49 fight with Gumarnjern Kiatisombun Muay Thai camp . Open the first tournament to see Thal Life of Petchrung Petchnirod fight with Wadduang Petchnongbee S.Damnoun, Sornsin Luknongyaiteam Muay Thai training camp fight with Petchpunlab P.Srisukkarn.

‘Cyborg’ unveils plan to land Rousey fight
Invicta FC featherweight champion Cristiane Justino has a plan for 2014, which she hopes will lead to UFC bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey by December.

A former Strikeforce champion, Justino publicly stated her intent to drop to 135 pounds last Saturday, hours before Rousey (9-0) was scheduled to defend her title against Sara McMann at UFC 170 in Las Vegas. Rousey won the fight via first-round TKO.

Justino is scheduled to compete in a 145-pound muay Thai bout at Lion Fight 14 on March 28 in Las Vegas. According to her attorney George Prajin, Justino typically weighs approximately 170 pounds between fights and has a hard time even cutting to her current weight class.

The goal is for Justino to gradually drop, under a physician’s supervision, over the next few months, which would make her next two cuts to 145 pounds easier. She would then make a practice cut to 135 before fighting for the Invicta bantamweight title this summer. This News is from ESPN .

Earlier this month, Justino’s manager, former UFC champion Tito Ortiz, stepped down from his involvement with her. UFC president Dana White has criticized Ortiz’s handling of Justino’s career in the past.


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    Kiatisombun Muay Thai camp find the fighter to fight . But he will send to fight in UFC . He want the big and good Muay Thai skill . It is the good news to make money , however he want women fighter .

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