“Yodchuchan S.Choknittaya Muay Thai camp” is very active

“Bangkeak” Neounpattapee Khun boasts Yodchuchan Choknittaya Muay Thai camp  will win Plakad P.Peenapad Camp . They will fight in Jao Muay Thai on 21st June at AomNoi Thai boxing stadium . He believes the weight 119 pounds will not have the problem because he are training Muay Thai in every days in his camp .


After Chun Kiattipetch, a promoter Peerapong Theeradetpong send a fresh body boxer like Yodchuchan Choknittaya Muay Thai Camp to fight with Plakad P.Peenapad training camp is the open fight of Jao Muay Thai on Saturday 21st . Now, Bangkeak, a trainer of Yodchuchan boast that Yodchuchan will win in this fight because he prepare himself perfectly and believe the weight 119 pounds will not have the problem.

“I believe my children will win because he prepare himself perfectly and his body is strong than the last fight. This weight fight is 119 pounds which is a easy weight and will not have a problem. I want to send a message to Muay Thai fans in Thailand that if you do not like me, you should not choose my rival and will say I do not warn you. Yodchuchan is fully ready and ready in everything. If Thai boxing fans in Thailand want to see, you can go to cheer on 21st June ” Bangkeak boast. This news is from Bestmuaytha@2014-06-11 .

“Mr.Nao” Set a many fights in Songkran

“Mr.Nao” Set a many fights in Songkran on Tuesday 24 June by set the important fight of Pornmongkol K.T. Gym fight with Chailek Pornsawan. He believes this fight will hot.

The fight that Mr.Nao set to fight on Songkran Day Tuesday 15 April is very interest as following; Petchmongkol K.T. Gym fight with Chailek Songpeenong, Petchjarm Kiatkongpon fight Sakkayapab Songteenong, Denneoun Bandon fight Petchkeng Bunchuay, Densurin Kittikasem fight Kreksil P.Suwannachuen, Daoden 96 Peenang fight Petchsombat S.Sombat, Faease Luksuan fight Luktao Parong, Palangdet S.Petchbunchu fight Chaiwat P.Khemnak Muay Thai camp , Kumanthong S.Sombat Camp fight Rengrit S.Somjai and Mangkorn S.Petchbunme fight Panpayak P.niramol.

Number 1 promoter of Lumpini said about held on this fight that “this is the general fight but the boxer is a top boxer for boxing fans cheer. After they play Songkran, they will head to fight so I can guarantee this fight will hot”

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  1. Andy Andree

    It’s rеаllу important tо bесоmе brave tо bе аblе tо practice thе skill оf Muaythai. Onе muѕt accept thе risk аnd pain involved іn thіѕ аѕ а type оf fighting, bravely wіthоut аnу fear. Practicing Muay thai іѕ nоt јuѕt gеttіng physical training but additionally includes thе training оf moral values аnd disciplines іn life. It teaches tо bе modest, tо bе confident, tо аlwауѕ speak thе truth аnd steer clear оf committing sins іn life.
    As for Fili, the Team Alpha Male product has only fought once in the UFC but he made it memorable as he came in on short notice and destroyed veteran Jeremy Larsen with his brutal muay Thai attack in mere minutes. I wasn’t sold on Fili before he made it to the UFC, but he was ultra impressive in his debut and I have high hopes for him going forward because he has some of the best standup in the flyweight division and a marketable personality to go along with it. Plus, his nickname is awesome.
    A man was detained in Thailand after losing too much weight.
    Read at sportsnet , sundayworld .

  2. Mark Com

    Muay Thai is the symbol of fitness and toughness essential for combat sports. It lays heavy emphasis on body conditioning and training. Thai fighters are the best with their kicks due to proper use of their shin bones. The training schedule includes running, shadow boxing, abdominal exercises, body weight opposing and so on. The Thai practitioners have an unbelievably strong pair of arms and forearms due to frequent practise using dense heavy bags. The heavy bags help in the strengthening of shin bones, which in medical terms is referred to as cortical remodelling. The training includes focus mitts, thai pads, sparring and heavy bags. On a daily basis, the fighters are trained in various rounds of 4 minutes with each round followed by a 1 minute break. The Thai fighters are near to perfection when it comes to knee and straight strikes. Focus mitts act as the hand speed enhancer and an important boost for developing defence, punch power and accuracy and opposing punch. The Thai fighters have to face off almost every other week due to the immense intensity of training they receive.

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