“Kote” Paranchai Aditepwarapan come to stop the news

“Kote” Paranchai Aditepwarapan come to stop the new that he reasy to send Sink Parandchai Muay Thai training camp  , his beloved boxer to gamble with anyone in the weight 113 pounds. He want to understand with Muay Thai life that he come to this circle again is not for gamble but because he love the art of Thailand boxing. He comes to promote the south of boxing and the former boxer who make a reputation for Thung Song, Nakhon Si Thammarat, which “Kokiati” Somkiat sengprasit understand.

“I am uncomfortable with the news that he want to gamble and ready to send Sink Paranchai Muay Thai training camp fight with anyone in the weight 113 pounds. In fact, Sink Paranchai Muay Thai training camp bet with Jaoinsee because I want to create a colorful to boxing and make the steam for Mr.chun and make an agreement with Kokiat from my clear heart and goal. I come to support boxer and make a work by support boxer to have the good future, encourage the head to do boxing, make a work for the old former boxer. I am ready to support boxer to make the reputation. My goal is to create top boxer for the south. This is a true story. I did not come to gamble like many people understand. Thank you “Kokiat” to understand me” Kote open mind.

Fight fest at Carnival City  : Times Live .

The first Extreme Fighting Championship of the year presents a chance tonight for either Nkazimulo “Zulu Boy” Zulu or Charlie Weyer to claim the inaugural bantamweight title.

But Zulu, who has a karate background, reckons he has mixed the various forms of fighting into his artillery better than Weyer has, who is a strong boxer and wrestler.

Zulu is a soft-spoken apprentice mechanic at Lindsay Saker who never gets involved in street fights.

That is not what mixed martial arts is about, he said.

“I’m never angry. I’m always calm,” said Zulu.

“If I receive a heavy blow which has done some damage, I must not lose my cool because that is going to result in me losing the fight. You must always stick to your plan and not be some sort of Goliath.”

Zulu believes he has the edge on Weyer.

“I don’t think Charlie’s Muay Thai is going to be as good as mine,” the 23-year-old said.

“My boxing is better, although his wrestling is good.

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