“Sawek” give “Detpanom” 3 Thousand baht

The excite match of Assawindam who announce to give money for Detpanom Lukkaonanai Muay Thai Camp , a new top boxer 3 thousand baht but he must to win. This is the new flip history of Muay Thai that someone dare to pay for the boxer 3 thousand baht that is beat all the gym’s record.

Detpanom Lukkaonanai, a new top boxer number one of the South use his knee to fight with Petchwanchai K.Adisak to have an excite match before Detpanom use his skill for win in the second and get the money from Assawindam, Pol.Maj.Gen. Dr. Sawek Pinsinchai. This is impress boxing fans and makes Sawek give money 3 thousand baht for the next time. However, Detpanom have to win to get this money.

“Who want to fight with Detpanom can tell me because I will give 3 Thousand baht if anyone win him but if Detpanom win, he will get 3 thousand baht as well as. That is beat all the gym’s record. If you are interest, you can offer yourself and come to create the new history together” Pol.Maj.Gen. Sawek said.

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  1. muay thai fighter Post author

    In 10 year ago , Assawindam was the promoter at Lumpinee stadium . But he don’t have the good boxers then he can be the promoter .

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