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“Wichit” takes Padreaw People to cheer Thongchai.

Member of the Provincial Council orWichitOnglaor prepared to arrangePadreaw people to come for watchingThongchaiRattansubancelebrating program after he has been working for 38 years now. Then, nowadays he has at least 50 people to come for watching this program. Moreover, Wichit has cleared the area of parking with the police station in order to welcome most of the Muay Thai fans to come for cheering this program. Then, there will be 2 vans and 5 motorcycles to service all of the Muay Thai fans around the Royal Plaza for free also.

Besides, on last Wednesday Thongchai Rattanasuban has informed the news to Muai Siam Daily with gladness in the case of SuekOneThongChai might celebrate for 38 years working of Thong Chai Rattanasuban by setup the new program on this Thursday of 14th August 2014 at Rachadamnern Muay Thai stadium. Moreover, with hot news lately the well-known Member of the Provincial Council in Padreaw or WichitOnglaor told that he might bring Padrew people to watch this game for at least 50 people because this program is the superfight match consisting of several master couple boxers to fight.

Therefore, on SuekOneThongChai in the history match, the Member of the Provincial Council or WichitMuengpadreaw has cleared the parking areas with the policemen for the Muay Thai fans as well as take care of the convenience at Rachadamnern Muay Thai stadium. Then, the Muay Thai fans should take the cars to park at the Plaza center. Moreover, Wichit still prepare 2 vans and 5 motorcycles to service all of the Muay Thai fans at Rachadamnern for free , so the Muay Thai fans in Thailand can’t be worried about the parking areas although there are crowded of them to create the new history of the boxing circle.

It can notice that “Songkhom” might not lose for the left one.

Young Tiger or Sittichuchai said that lately the teamwork of Songkhom Sakhoamsin Muay Thai stadium revealed his mind to confirm with the reporters of Muai Siam that now Songkhom Sakhoamsin will have the Semi Final program of 10th Fukthiangroup to fight with Kaotam Luakprabat in Suek ChaoMuaiThai on this Saturday of 19th July 2014 at OmNoi Muay Thai stadium since 12.10 p.m. However, it should accept that in the past Songkhom had lost by his couple boxer’s knees. However, for the last match he had won this type of couple boxer , so in the next match the Muay Thai fans can’t expect for Kaotam Luakphrabat so high on this 10th Fukthiangroup in Suek ChaoMuaiThai broadcasted on this Saturday of 19th July 2014 at OmNoi Muay Thai stadium through channel 3 since 12.15 p.m to be the winner in easy way. Besides, if the Muay Thai fans in Thailand has expected for Kaotam so high , they might be sad due to the better performance of Songkhom , who never lost to knee boxer for a long time. Moreover, Songkhom may knock Khaotam because of his good practicing.

It is glad that “Rungubon” has thanked for everyone.

After Rungubon becomes to be the champion of one boxing program , lately he just grasped the champion belt and a large amounts of money totally 500,000 baht. Then, he has thanked for the Muay Thai fans to cheer him up all the times , and now he can grasp for many champions responding to his mind. Therefore, he would like everyone to cheer him up foreover.

After Rungubon Sakami has grasped the champion of 1st Hall on channel 3 of Suek ChaoMuaiThai at Siam OmNoi Muay Thai stadium by defeating Khaokhla Sitphuphantu with several points on last Saturday of 19th July 2014 as well as grasping the prize of 500,000 bahtwith his gladness , lately he has thanked for the Muay Thai fans to cheer him up all the times including of the lawyer Toi , who takes care of him well. After that, Rungubon would like to take a rest at his hometown prior to come back for training himself in the next program for sure.

Rungubon Sakami revealed that he would like to thank for everyone to send encouragement to him ; finally he can response to his mind. Then, he would like to thank for the Muay Thai fans to cheer him up and give encouragement to him. Therefore, after that he would like to get rest at his hometown and then come back to train himself for another program.

The arrangement of Muay Thai

The arrangement of Muay Thai focuses on demonstrating the essential essentials of Muay Thai. This consolidates stance, footwork, essential punches, kicks, knees and elbows and the shields to these procedures. The Muay Thai preparing also create the stronghold of cardiovascular wellbeing and quality needed for Muay Thai. Muay Thai is likewise considered as a wellness exercise. By learning Muay Thai it causes the blood to stream all through the entire body supporting all its parts; from the unlucky deficiency of action the body is not equipped to keep up its vitality, and the mind, whose wellbeing is dependent upon that of the body, is soon decreased to a state of languor. Such an expansive number of have made on the vitality out of physical work out, that it would be unrewarding to rehash decrees that everybody has examined over and over and reality of which all are prepared to yield. Not just this, for sure, Muay Thai boxing is the best practice which serves to get thinner. While learning Muay Thai, learners need to move very nearly all parts of their body. So when they move each parts of their body in a normal premise then it additionally help  to keep up their weight however learners stay fit because of Muay Thai boxing. In short, Muay Thai boxing is helpful of each individuals who needs to  stay fit unsurpassed also to figure out how to ensure themselves as it is known as unarmed fight.