For this round, there are hot couple boxers to fight.

For King Fighter boxing round of 39 kg fighting at Suek Muai Dee Witheethai of Rangsit Muay Thai stadium , there will be 16 boxers to fight as well as the reserved ones. Then, the boxers , who win in 2 matches might pass into the next round automatically. However, in the past there are some boxers whose their weight don’t match with the suitable one. Then, it should let the reserve ones to do this duty instead in this case. Finally, there will be 8 boxers to pass into the second round with classifying into 2 big lines for each of 4 boxers to fight with everyone. As the result, the first and second rank of boxers might pass into the Semi Final round further to be increased of weight for 40 kg. too.

For 8 boxers in second round , it consists of line A or Kaichon Sitchekarn facing with Kanesarn Siteakubonand line B or Sanson Erawan facing with Kenglek Huarongnamkhang , line C or Rungphanomlek S.T.D. And Transports facing with Thongnoi Luakbanyai and line D or Saidee Muengponlek Suanaharnchanchaokhao facing with Supernew Nondangyim.

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