“Pattana” might grasp the champion from “Singpornchai” surely.

The boxing match of Phuinokphakhang is still in the beautiful way by broadcasting on Suek Mamaimuaithai program , and in the next match it will broadcast on this Sunday of 16th November 2014 between Pattana Nitiphat or the lawyer facing with Singpornchai S. Sarinya , who are both the winner for 1 time. Then, the winner of this match might pass into the final match , which this couple boxer is the most correct one to fight in this time.

For Suek Mamaimuaithai on this Sunday of 16th November 2014 broadcasting by Bright TV on 8.15 p.m. with several of couple boxers. Then, the teamwork or Deer Kertphet , Uuan Mueng Non and Singkasert Banponlameungdee have selected the good ones to fight in this match already.

There is the master couple boxer ,who fight in this Muai Phui Nok Pakhang Boxing round until being     the winner ; namely, Sangsakda T. Morsri winning Mongkutngen S. Thianpho with funniness. However, for this week , there will be Pattana to face with Singpornchai fighting as the master couple boxer , Neawna Ch. Phatcharapon facing with Mangkornthong Phuketthanachot , Sadaodong of Keela Supan school facing Natalee Sitweerachat and Kamphangphet S. Damrongchia facing with Khongrit W. Phanyawai as the second couple boxers.

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