“The Colonel Yod” revealed to open mind.

The Colonel Yod or Commander Yodonephadet Suwannawichit indicated that the promoters should open mind and sacrifice themselves , especially in the case of the well-known boxers to be selected as the ones to join in national camp team. Moreover, they all devote themselves to create good name to our nation , so the promoters shouldn’t have narrow mind to take only their advantages to themselves with doing in incorrect way.

According to the registration of International Boxing Association for both males and females to join in the program for selecting the ones to be in the national camp of Olympic 2016 at Brazil , there are 10,000 boxers , who have registered for joining in this team , such as Superbank of Rattanabundit university , Seksan Phetuthong , S. Sommai and others.

Later, the promoters of their original afflictions all have given the news to blame the club in the bad way about this subject ; moreover, with this subject the reporters have been revealed from the commander Yodonephadet Suwanwichit or the former promoter , the one current officer and the head of one boxing camp that in this case the promoters should open their mind and sacrifice themselves to support all the registered ones to create good name for our country without only taking advantage from them. Thus, it should separate periods of time to fight in correct way without blaming to our club.

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