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Be the well-known one in this year.

Liao Nard P. Riangram or the senior of Fahmai Laonardyim has boasted that this year after he has changed the name of his boxer from Worachate P. Ringram to Fahmai , he has been the winners of all matches. Lately, he has made his masterpiece again by grasping the champion of CP Freshmart round for the third time with greatness.

For Suek Muai Dee Witheethai broadcasted on last Sunday of 25th January 2015 at International boxing stadium at Rangsit , it was 3rd CP Freshmart to grasp the champion in final match between Fahmai Laonardyim and Phetleacha S. Yuphinda. Moreover, recently Fahmai can apply his more experiences to win his couple boxer beautifully to gain 300,000 baht with his champion belt.

After the end of last match , Laeonard P. Riangram or the head of one Muay Thai camp has revealed that he is really confident that in this A.D. 2015 his boxer or Fahmai might become to be the well-known boxer of Suek Phetyindee of course after changing his name from Worachate to be Fahmai in the end of last year or A.D. 2014 , and now he has never lose to anyone , especially to grasp the champion of CP Freshmart. Thus, it should be confident that he might become the excellent one in this year surely , so the Muay Thai fans should cheer up for him too.

“Sakulchai” has his fit body condition , so “Choknamchai” can’t defeat him.

SiaChai or Nikhom Phokhao has recommended to the cheering team of Sakulchai Weronafarm not to worry on this match because of his good body condition to overcome Choknamchai Sitchakung surely. Thus, the Sergeant Kung Sampran can’t complain about this subject anymore because in this time his boxer might fight with the same size boxer without fighting for the larger size one as the past.

On last Tuesday , the reporters have been revealed from SiaChai or Nikom Phokaew or the famous head of the Muay Thai camp and the senior of Sakulchai Waronafarm or the fresh form boxer that now on this match he has prepared himself fully to fight with the champion or Choknamchai Sitchakung because of his good body condition not to make disappointment to the Muay Thai fans of course. Whilst, the Sergeant Kung Sampran has complaint that his boxer always fight with the big ones.  On the other hand, SiaChai confirms that for this time the boxer of Kung might face with the same size boxer , so it should let his boxer to prepare himself in excellent way. Whilst, winning or losing is the sports game , and he has felt confidence for Sakulchai much because of his good preparing to grasp the champion of channel 7. As the result, for this match he might win Choknamchai despite of being the former champion. However, he is the strong knee one without afraid of anyone with his good strategy.

“Iiad” is really glad after his boxers become the well-known ones.

SiaIadSingtaria or the head of W. WiwattananonMuay Thai training camp has thanked for every encouragement to give for him and his teamwork affecting his work of W. Wiwattananonbe developed. Moreover, it should thank for promoter SommaiSakulmateta or the head of Palangmai group to give a good chance for children and it should thank for the Muay Thai fans to send encouragement to them including of the teamwork and the junior ones to devote themselves to support W. WiwattananonMuay Thai training camp be in the Muay Thai fans’s mind.

In the earlier, SiaIad W. Wiwattananon has never asked for the favor to anyone , but he has blessed all quitted ones to have good future. On the other hand, his junior teamwork and him still go forward to develop the Muay Thai training camp. Besides, indeed the boxers in W. WiwattananonMuay Thai training camp aren’t the normal ones from countryside , and most of them have been developed their performance here. For example, Khonkhon , who has been trained in this Muay Thai training camp since he had only 19 kg. and brought from Chicken betting house in Supanburi province and then he has named this boxer as Khonkhob , which means to get along with other people after consulting to SiaSomsakSanyakorn or the former of excellent boxer. In addition, SiaSomsak made an advice that this boxer might be the excellent one with genius brain as well as having braveness and good habit to fight all of the matches. Finally, Khonkhob can win Thanadate T. Pran 49 result in to the Muay Thai fans to admire the work of W. Wiwattananon as well as Weerachai W. Wiwattananon to knock Nuengthep Sakami in the same program of Knonkhob and Kotchasarn W. Wiwattananon to overcome ET Phetsomneuk with funniness to be admired and called for faith of the Muay Thai fans about the great work of this Muay Thai training camp.

SiaIad said with good humor that firstly, it should thank for everyone , especially for the teamwork to devote themselves as well as the trainer or Kongla and all boxers to make the good name to this Muay Thai training camp. Thus, he would like to give attention to work and thank for Sia Mai to give a good chance to these significant boxers. Whilst, it should thank for the Muay Thai fans to send encouragement to him , so he might work in the best way with good quality to let the Muay Thai fans feel comfortable about his work.