It has believed in “Phetsongphak” to show the good performance.

Mit Nakorn or Sumate Siesattabongkot or the excellent promoter at Rachadamnern boxing stadium has confirmed that Phetsongphak W. Sangphraphai has his good opportunity to become the leading boxer of Thailand. Besides, lately he has performed the good form to overcome Phetsaharat S. Kerttiwat with funniness on Suek PPTV Superfight on last Sunday.

Besides, on Suek Muai Thai PPTV there will be Phetsongphak W. Sangphraphai ,who might come replace of the old one and he has bargained the weight for Phetsaharat in 2 pounds. Then, with his good performance he can win his couple one in excellent way until Sumate Siasattabongkot or the promoter has come to praise him by believing that he might become to be the leading boxer in the future surely.

Therefore, it should praise for Phetsongphak or the boxer who has his good performance to develop himself continuously. Besides, he has showed his good performance continuously without making disappointment to anyone. However, on the last match of Muai Thai Superfight broadcasted on PPTV although he has fought in 121 pounds by bargaining weight for 2 pounds , he can become the champion with his good strength to be the leading boxer of Thailand surely.

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