“Phetphrab” is ready to defeat “Yothin”

Bangchu P. Saman or the big boss of 5 star news boxer has argued with Phetphrab of 5 stars chicken that he has never faced or lost to Yothin F.A. Group at F.A. Group in order to release the news. Then, it should accept that with his second of fresh form, it should bargain weight for 1 pound ,so in this time his boxer might fight with smooth form to gain the funniness and be the champion.

In the earlier , Sia Riam or the senior one or Yothin F.A. group has given the news that after he has fought for once time , he can overcome Phetphrab funnily. Then, lately Bangchu P. Saman or the father of Phetphrab has confirmed that both of them have never fought at the boxing stadium before. Thus, it should accept that his body condition is the second one by bargaining weight to be the champion.

Now, Phetphrab has his queue to practice himself continuously at Bangchu’s boxing camp ; moreover, it might have the big size boxer of this boxing camp named Phibun Sitaek or the trainer to train Phetphrab. Besides, now his body condition is in 90 percent , so it believes that it might be 100 percent on the fighting day in order not to remove from the program as the past time. In addition, it has confirmed that they have never met with each other before with his body condition and freshness are the second one. Thus, in this time they might prepare themselves well to fight in 1 pounds to be the champion.

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