“Chareonporn” has his more advantages than Olay with 5 -4 scores.

Olay Samui has bested regard to the teamwork of Chareonporn Phobtheeratham for making the list of Krengkrai Yodyuttamuaithai to grasp 400,000 baht. However, though he has his more disadvantage than his couple one , Olay is confident in the good body condition of his couple one.

Olay Samui said that on this Friday of 22nd January 2016 , it might setup for Suek Oneweeraphon and Suek Moosaphanmai as the master one for sure. Besides, this couple one might be Chareonporn Yodyutthamuaithai to fight with Krengkrai Yodyuttamuaithai. Then, Olay has revealed his mind to the teamwork of Siam that for this match it might grasp the champion for 400,000 baht. Thus, Olay would like this match to have the good atmosphere for letting the Muay Thai fans to favor of the game with the good form of both of them.  As the result, it is believed that the Muay Thai fans might be worth to watch this game , and his beloved boxer might overcome his couple one despite of his second performance.

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