Cheer up excitedly for Muai Thai in Insurance boxing round.

For 9th Muai Thai in Insurant boxing round, now it has come to the exciting moment after the one of the group of A Esarnkhao or Numpornthep has challenged to pass into the second final round with the first rank scores by knocking the couple ones for 3 times continuously. However, the next boxer to fight further for the group is Thangthong Phetmaneerat for fighting with Phetseemok W. Wichitpromotion on Suek Maemai Muai Thai to fight on this Saturday of 14th May in 2016 at Lumphinee boxing stadium. Thus, it should predict about the result of this game much.

For Thangthong , with his 2 works he has won to knock for New Luak Rak Singphomphrab on the third round and being knocked by Esarnkhao or Numpornthep on the fourth round with 3 scores. In the same way, Phetsemok or another one has knocked by Esarnkhao or Numpornthep on the fourth round and win the scores of Newluakrak Singphomphrab with 2 scores. Thus, these 2 winners have passed into the next round as the second rank of the group.

Therefore, there are the other , such as Densrabua Nayok A fighting with Namsuek Sitmorsan in 113 pounds while it has the master one ; namely, Phetriangrit Sitphandang fighting with Chaising Keelasports in 122 pounds on this program.

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