The Muay Thai fans favor of Phayakthongkham version boxing program.

The litunent L or Ying Phanitcha Theeradatephong or the female promoter of the boxing program of Phayakthongkham has brought the good boxers to fight on Suek Phetkertphet on this Tuesday of 31st May in 2016. Thus, there will be the crowded of boxers on this program ;namely, Banlangngen P. Pheannaphat Mareemat to fight with Raktemroi Sorchor Wichit Padraew as the third time after facing as twice time to take turn for being the winner and the loser. Therefore, there are the other good boxers joining on this program too.

On Suek Phetkertphet program , now it might return to give the happiness to the Muay Thai fans again. Moreover, now the litunent L or Ying Phanitcha Theeradatephong has selected all of the lists in Phayakthongkham version excellently. Thus, the Muay Thai fans might favor of this program ,especially for the master one of Remat to fight as the third time for making amusement surely.

Therefore, this program might consist of other well-known boxers ; namely, the first one or Phetsanguan to fight with Dateudom Singnawaarwut in 106 pounds, Khomphet Sitsarawatsia to fight with Kraduklek K. Klomklaew in 100 pounds, Khunphon Sitkaewphraphon to fight with Hachalarm Sitphuphantu in 131 pounds, Phetsomphong Sorchor Wichitphadraew to fight with Phetphailin Singbansrang in 107 pounds and the supporting boxer or Chaila Sarawatphaemahathai to fight with Onemeechok Phuhongthong in 116 pounds following by the second one or Pomphet Singbansrang to fight with Singthongnoi Kerttikittiphan.

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