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It believes that Thongchai will prove the performance of K. Kamphanat to the Muay Thai fans.

Kamphanat Chusuwan has accepted that now several people have seen that K. Kamphanat might be the loser on this game. However, he still believes in the working of Thongchai to select with the suitable couple one. Besides, the Muay Thai fans also believe in his working by preparing to give a large amounts of money. In addition, with the good practicing , they will fight with amusement for sure.

The big boss of K. Kamphanat boxing camp said with confirmation that now it should accept with  the better name of Kamphonlek on Suek Chao Muai Thai boxing program. Moreover, it should be confident on the amusement of this game with the good practicing of K. Kamphanat to be the champion.

“Sia Khag” is satisfied although “Nawaphon” has tied with his couple one.

Now, Sia Khwag P.K. accepts that on the last match Nawaphon has showed the best form after moving into his boxing camp. However, it should wait for the promoter to make a decision to make the list of him in the new match.

Sia Khwag P.K. or the big boss of P.K. Sanchai Muai Thai Yim boxing camp said after Nawaphon has tied up with Mongkoldatelek Kesayim on Suek Muai Thai Ched See of the last match. Moreover, he believes that in the next match he might make his impressive form as the last match after the last match Nawaphon has showed his best form since move into the new boxing camp. Then, it should wait for the promoter to consider about this subject obviously.

“Mit” confirms that “Rangkhao” might defeat of “Klasuek” to face with “Phetsongkhom” certainly.

Mit Nakorn has emphasized on Rangkhao W. Sangphraphai to prepare himself as the best way prior to fight with Klasuek Phetchinda as the supporting one of Suek One Weeraphon on this 10th June. Besides, this game might broadcast at Lumphinee with the confidence of the shape and the fresher form of Rangkhao to overcome and protect the champion in 126 pounds for sure. Similarly, he might show the great form to gain a large amounts of money on this game definitely.

Therefore, Mit Nakorn said that now Rangkhao W. Sangphraphai has his queue to protect the champion of Thailand in 126 pounds with Klasuek Phetchinda as the supporting couple one of Suek Oneweeraphon on this Friday of 10th June. Then, this game might be the most interesting one to be cheered up. Moreover, Mit Nakorn has revealed that for this match he has warned for Rangkhao to prepare himself as the best way prior to fight on this match. Fortunately, now he has his perfect body condition in order to pass into the final round for protecting the champion surely with his larger shape. Then, he might gain a large amounts of money from receiving of the special prize, and Mit Nakorn will be ready to send Phetsongkhom Sitchareonthrab to get revenge with him in  the next match immediately if he has become to be the winner of this match.