It will setup for the junior program of “Kertphet”.

On this Tuesday of 2nd August in 2016, Onechainoi Singplapaknoi or the well-known boxer with small size is ready to fight with another excellent one with small size named Palangphob Ph. Muengphet. Besides, he used to fight with the great performance ones. Thus, in this match the head of the boxing camp is really confident in the form of this boxer to be the winner of this match easily.

For Suek Kertphet to fight for the small size couple ones, it shouldn’t miss for watching these couple ones at Lumphinee Ramintra boxing stadium ; namely, the first one or Offside Huarongnamkhaeng fighting with Sanchainoi Singbansrang following by the second one or Onechainoi Singplapaknoi fighting with Palangphob Ph. Muengphet and the third one or Khomphet Sitsarawatsia fighting with Khomphai Mahachaiphattana. In addition, now Dabwithee Chaingam or the head boxing camp or the father of Onechainoi has revealed that in this match the Muay Thai fans should come to cheer up for Onechainoi much because of his good practicing and training at Banplapaknoi in Nakornphanom province. Then, it shouldn’t be the problem for him although his couple one or Palangphob is the knee boxer because he has fought with the greater performance ones before.

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