Max Muai Thai has cared for all details.

Now, Num Phet or Arsira Taochareonsuk or the head of Max Muai Thai company has walked forward to create works. Then, he has sent the teamwork to visit the boxing camp throughout Thailand. In addition, it can study for the boxer details to bring for joining in all program of the company. And, this company will take care the family of the boxers in the good way also.

In this moment, the hot president of Max Muai Thai or Numphet Arsira Taochareonsuk  said that the company has three broadcasting program on channel 8 that are the battle program to broadcast on Friday since 6.00-7.45 p.m. , the champion Muai Thai to broadcast on Saturday since 7.20-9.50 p.m. and Max Muai Thai to broadcast on Sunday since 7.20-9.50 p.m. Besides, these are the well-known ones ,which result from the kindness of the Muay Thai fans to watch these games from 44 countries. Then, recently he has confirmed to the teamwork to visit the boxers ,who are the boxers of Max Muai Thai throughout the country by using a van. Therefore, there will be Noi Banpong and Suphachin Ngenbamrung to tour in all boxing camp in the country. Finally, it can look after for the details of the boxers , so the head of the boxing camp will bring them for making him to create more better works in the future.

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