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“Muai Thai League” is in the intensive way.

Atchariya Ramdate or the teamwork of Suek Toyota Muai Thai League in A.D. 2016 said that the match of this Friday 6 December, 2016 might be more amusing than the past match for sure. Besides, most of the boxers in the this match have already fought on the first round , so the ones with 3 scores would like to increase the scores to themselves on the next round. On the other hand, the ones who miss for the first three scores should work harder to find the solution for entering into the next round further.

For the movement of Suek Toyota Muai Thai League in A.D. 2016 on Friday of 9 December, 2016 at Lumphinee , now it has broadcasted on Thairat TV of channel 36 since 4.00-5.30 p.m. Moreover, this program was setup by P. Thai League company limited in order to present the Thai boxing on League form as the first one in the world. Similarly, Atchariya Ramdate or the teamwork of Suek Toyota Muai Thai League said that for this week it is the fourth week , so we can develop in many ways to allow the Thai boxers in Thai League to fight in the most exciting way.

Show of “Lomhuan” for meeting with “Yuttakarn” by broadcasting on Now 26 channel.

Now, Khomchadluek Suek Muai Thai has brought a lot of couple ones to show for the Muay Thai fans continuously. Moreover, on this Sunday of 27 November, 2016 there will be the master one or Lomhuan Sitlomnao to fight with Yuttakarn Th. Thepsuthin and other crowded ones for fighting at Khomchadluek Ortorkor 3 in Nonthaburi province.

After the boxing program can be showed and broadcasted again in normal way , Khomchadluek Suek Muai Thai will debut for the continuous programs. Then, on this Sunday of 27 November,2016 there will be Lomhuan Sitlomnao or the new star with fresh form who just won Chatchai Sitphanon to fight with Yuttakarn Th. Thepsuthin or the good experience and strength one. Then, it should predict whether he will be the winner in this game or not.

Besides, there are the other ones ; namely, Yodchatchai Huarongnamkhaeng fighting with Numnoi Sitchemaew , Maitho Sitkamnanyai fighting with Yodmongkol Sitsoann , Yodbuakhao Nayok A Thasala fighting with Maiaek Sitkamnanyai , the first couple one or Jimmi Fairang fighting with Yiamyut Songdindang and the prior couple one before the real match fighting in the boxing round or Yodkumarn Sitphanomthong fighting with Fahphrathan S. Chatchai.

It has made the list for letting “Chareonporn” to fight with “Thongnoi”.

Phacho Luakbanyai has accepted that with the name and the performance Thongnoi Luakbanyai has his worse levels than Chareonporn Phobtheeratham. However, now this both one have been made the list as the supporting couple one of Suek Phetwisate on this Monday of 28 November, 2016 at Rachadamnern boxing stadium. On the other hand, with the freshness and the good shape of Thongnoi , he might be the champion in this game by fighting as hard as possible.

For Suek Phetwisate on this Monday of 28 November , 2016 at Rachadamnern boxing stadium, Sia Boat or Nattadate Wachirarattanawong or the big promoter has selected for the good performance to fight with each other ;namely,Thongnoi fighting with Chareonporn. Then, Phacho Luakbanyai has accepted that this one is the hard task for Thongnoi ,except for his better shape and freshness. On the other hand, he has his worse strength and performance than this couple one. However, lately he has developed his performance and been the champion continuously. Thus, it has the high chance for him to be the champion too , so the Muay Thai fans should cheer him up loudly no matter of him to be the winner or the loser.