Muay Thai Training Techniques

Kata training is the hub of kung fu. A kata, on the surface merely looks like a sequence of movements in different directions. At worst appears like robotic shadow boxing against fixed attacks. Experienced karateka are aware of that this couldn’t be more incorrect. But how would you explain kata to a newcomer?

The workout program is base on your muaythai level . Regular program ( 2 Hrs ) is include : Warm Up/Stretch , Run ( 1 – 10 Km. ) , Skip (15 Minutes) , Shadow Box (3 rounds) , Bag Work (3 rounds) , pad work (3 rounds) , Clinching/Sparring ( 3 rounds) , Fitness , Shadow Box (2 rounds) , Cool off Stretch .

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To develop their kicks and jabs using their knee and feet, a fighter the particular heavy bag during classes. Much heavier than an established boxing bag, a bag used in Muay Thai training gives a fighter the resistance for you to develop effect. Muay Thai bags may be many different weights and sizes you may the associated with the body that will probably be developed. For example, an extensive bag to your floor can be utilized to practice kicks. A shorter bag may supply to practice hand and elbow jabs.

DJJ performed very well and displayed handspeed destroy make even Manny Pacquiao envious in three rounds of non-stop action. He rocked his opponent having a couple outstanding shots ultimately first round and showed flashes for the defense and counterpunching he been working hard to master in training. DJJ outpointed his opponent and won his first appearance.

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