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“Ankor” is excited to fight with “Sakmonkol”

Sia Sommai Bangkapi had set the great couple muay thai boxer listed again to create the interest for the muay thai fanclub to watch for the new program by bringing the latest champion of Muai Siam Omnoi or Angkor Sanphalangchai to fight with Saknarint Sitsoeng as the master couple boxer on Suek S. Sommai on this Wednesday of 20th February  2013 at Rachadamnern muay thai stadium in thailand as well as other couple boxers.

Although Sia Sommai is in the period to recover his illness , the teamwork of him is full no matter of Sunthorn , Uthong and Sit Pakphanang that had setup the great boxer list as Angkor to fight for his another couple one. Besides, later Angkor Sanphalangchai had kneed Saknarint Sitsoeng and knocked Kothee Phetyindeeacademy at Lumphinee muay thai stadium with funniness. Then, for this next match that Angkor will fight with Saknarint , it might be the favored couple boxer and be impressed by the muay thai fanclub for sure because they are all the severe boxers.

In addition , for other couple boxers from many camps there are Adddam Teeded 99 muay thai camp fighting with Lomesarn Sitsoeng camp , Sangthong S. Suradate fighting with Komean S. Worachot , Chamuakphet Ch. Kasermwilat fighting with Kanongsuek S. Srithong , Tonphet S. Worachote fighting with Phaoin Phraianan , Lomphayu Sitsoueng fighting with Faluang Suwityim , Sannapha W. Sunthornnon fighting with Phet S. Thongchit , Phetsommai S. Sommai fighting with Rachasak Teedet 99 and others.


“Khunphan and Siathep” are ready to fight.

Nin Doanmueng or the teamwork of Kertchareanchai muay thai camp revealed that recently Kokert Somkertleangphrasit had ordered the two boxers named Khunphan and Siathep or Phanuwat who have the program to fight in Suek Muai Thai Ched See in Thailand on this Sunday of 10th February  2013 on channel 7 to show the great form fully without considering about winning or losing. On other hand, they should fight with funniness and made excited to be impressed by the muay thai fanclub only.

Besides, Nin Doanmeung or the teamwork of Kertchareanchai muay thai training camp revealed to the reporter of Muai Siam that after Sia Chun Kertphet had brought these two boxers in the muay thai camp of channel 7 to fight on this 10th February  2013 that “in the past Kokert muay thai camp had just received the prize of outstanding muay thai camp of channel 7. Then, I had called all teamwork to have the meeting as well as every boxer in the muay thai camp to pay attention and show the excellent form of themselves in order to show to the muay thai fanclub of channel 7 without making disappointed to them. Besides, in the past after I had come back to receive the prize of Muai Thai Ched See program in the last match , I had called every boxer to advise that they shouldn’t make the disappointed to the muay thai fanclub certainly. However, the winning or losing isn’t important, except for making the muay thai fanclub to be impressed and every boxer had confirmed to me already.”

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