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“Bunchuai” has accepted for his luckiness.

The committee named Bunchuai Thaweethanawikai or the president judge of Suek Muai Dee Witheethai has guaranteed about the fairness to judge in this program ; however, the working of the committee as nowadays is sometimes based on the luckiness too because it doesn’t know whether to be protest by the Muay Thai fans in each day , except for confirming to everyone about their fair judge.

For having a great role to work in Suek Muai Dee Witheethai , all the times Bunchuai Taweethanawikai or the president in technic field has worked in the good level of standard although there are some dissatisfactions about his judge , which is the common way. However, there is no severe situation , so now he has confirms to work in this role with telling the truth that he has always judged with fairness.

The head of Suek Muaidee Witheethai committee said that although the judge of boxing program as nowadays still have the problem or not have the problem , indeed it is based on the luckiness too because of the favor to the Muay Thai fans. However, he has confirmed that his teamwork and he always work with pureness and fairness for sure.