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Max Muai Thai has cared for all details.

Now, Num Phet or Arsira Taochareonsuk or the head of Max Muai Thai company has walked forward to create works. Then, he has sent the teamwork to visit the boxing camp throughout Thailand. In addition, it can study for the boxer details to bring for joining in all program of the company. And, this company will take care the family of the boxers in the good way also.

In this moment, the hot president of Max Muai Thai or Numphet Arsira Taochareonsuk  said that the company has three broadcasting program on channel 8 that are the battle program to broadcast on Friday since 6.00-7.45 p.m. , the champion Muai Thai to broadcast on Saturday since 7.20-9.50 p.m. and Max Muai Thai to broadcast on Sunday since 7.20-9.50 p.m. Besides, these are the well-known ones ,which result from the kindness of the Muay Thai fans to watch these games from 44 countries. Then, recently he has confirmed to the teamwork to visit the boxers ,who are the boxers of Max Muai Thai throughout the country by using a van. Therefore, there will be Noi Banpong and Suphachin Ngenbamrung to tour in all boxing camp in the country. Finally, it can look after for the details of the boxers , so the head of the boxing camp will bring them for making him to create more better works in the future.

“Praoprao” insisted to grasp the champion for True for You channel.

Praoprao Phetyindee Academy has announced to get revenge of Sanson Arawan on Suek True For You Muai Man on Friday. Besides, this program will setup on this 9 November in 2016 at International Rangsit boxing stadium. And, it will broadcast on True For You channel on the number of 24 since 6.00 p.m. Similarly, he would like to grasp the champion with having his parents to come for giving the encouragement at the boxing stadium too.

For Suek True For You Muai Man on Friday, it will setup on this 9 November in 2016. Moreover, there will be the master one between Oungbak Sitsarawatsia to fight with ET Portortor Thongthawee following by the second one or Praoprao to grasp the champion on True For You channel in Mini Flyweight with Sanson Arawan. What’s more, recently Sanson just won him for 2 matches and tied with him for 1 match. Then, now Praoprao is still wondering about the scores , so he would like to get revenge of Sanson again and bring the champion belt back to his home too.

“Khwan” has his readiness to fight with “Mongkolkaew”.

Khwan S. Plearnchit has gossiped to the Muay Thai fans not to be worried of the training. Besides, in this hour he is ready to fight with Mongkolkaew S. Sommai as the master one of Suek True For You on this Friday of 26 August in 2016. And, this program has setup at Rangsit International boxing stadium while Khwan will do his best for showing the good form.

Now, after Khwan has overcome Kongnapha at Rachadamnern , he has become to practice himself as usual. Then, in this moment he is ready to fight with Mongkolkaew , but he mightn’t be careless on this game absolutely. However, although this boxing camp is only the small one ,  he won’t make the disappointment to the teamwork and the Muay Thai fans certainly.

Dang is amazed in the form of “Phetsomwang”.

Dang Khaotrai or the assistant teamwork of Palangmai group has accepted that recently he is amazed on the form of Phetsomwang A. Phrasert much. Besides, he is still the new boxer without the good name , but recently he can perform excellently more than his price and the ticket price. Thus, he is really confident that in the future Phetsomwang might become to be the great one of the boxing circle surely because of his amusing form and braveness to favor the Muay Thai fans.

Recently, Dang Khaotrai said that Phetsomwang has just defeated Max Chuwattana or the Swedish boxer on Rachadamnern Superfight at Rachadamnern boxing stadium. Significantly, he is amazed in his form much , so he predicts that in the future he might become to be the great one of the boxing circle for sure. Similarly, in the next time he should have the good opportunity to fight on the large program too.

It is currently that Phetnarin will be the winner for his fourth time.

Ouan Meungnon is absolutely confident on Phetnarin P. Pekko to overcome with Koko Paemeanburi as his fourth time to fight on Suek Muai Thai Ched See. Then, this match will setup on this Saturday of 6 August in 2016 surely after fighting for three times. Moreover, they have lost for twice times and won for once time. Thus, in this time they have practiced themselves excellently, and each of them has bargained his weight for 1 pound to predict for the winner.

On Suek Muai Thai Ched See to be broadcasted on this Saturday of 6 August in 2016 , it will postpone the time to fight since 1.45 p.m. as the second match of Chun Kertphet. Besides, there will be Phetnarin P. Pekko to fight with Koko Paemeanburi in 106-107 pounds. Similarly, Phetnarin will fight by bargaining weight for 1 pounds. Finally, Ouan Muengnon has confirmed about the good practicing of PHetnarin to be the winner after winning Phentor on channel 7. And, now he has his good body condition to be confident in this game much.