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“Chalarmthong”opened the amused match with many muay thai camps.

Chalarmthong Sitphanon muay thai trianing camp will have his queue to fight as the master couple boxer with the great kicking of head or Yodbuangam S.B.P carnetwork in 130 pounds. Besides, for this couple boxer, it can guarantee about the funniness of course , especially for Chalarmthong or the severe boxer to fight with amusement.

Recently , Chalarmthong Sitphanon muay thai trianing camp or the severe boxer of father non had showed his good form by being the winner for several fights. Moreover, lately, he had overcome Starboy Chengzimeaw gym beautifully as the master couple boxer of Channel 7 which was favored to the muay thai fans throughout the country. In addition, no matter of Chalarmthong will fight in anywhere in Thailand , he always  perform his duty well without focusing on being the winner only.

Father Non said that “On this Sunday of 26nd May in 2013 , Chalarmthong will face with Yodbuangam which should be the funny fight  for sure because they have never fight with each other before. Furthermore, Chalarmthong may fight to be favored of the muay thai fans in channel 7 by kicking on Yodbuangam’s head until being the winner not difficultly.

What’s more , Father Non revealed to the reporters of Muai Siam that  “there will be the second boxer from many good muay thai camps , such as NongBee Sitsarawatgee muay thai camp to face with Sailab Chitmeungnon who never fight with each other before also followed by Narannid Boswikcar audio to face with Jalay Rachanon muay thai camp or Rungrengsak Luakromkhlao and Pheankon Leknakornsri to face with the severe knee boxer or Mahachon Phetphracha as well”.


Hero Olympic is disappointed.

Manas Bunchamnong is disappointed for the form of Chasu TorThepsuthin camp which recently lost to Rungkert Kertphraphat and seems to be exhausted although he wasn’t been kicked or done anything by his couple boxer. However, Chasu had been training well , so his form is very disappointed in this match.

Teamwork of S. Khamsing boxing camp and TorThepsuthin camp had been disappointed much after Chasu TorThepsuthin camp had lost the score of Rungkert Kertphraphat as the master couple boxer in Suek Muai Dee Witheethai on last Saturday of 11st May in 2013 after been elbowed for once time and kneed for once time. After that, Chasu had been exhausted instantly with doubt.

Manas said with his disappointment after he had brought his wife to cheer up for this game and seemed not understand that why the game was like this way. Moreover, Chasu had been training well in this match by the senior bas. Then, he was the loser with doubt much.”