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“Chane” has been wondered due to unfairness of the boss.

Chae Dan or Chane Muengchon has ask for a promise from the head Lumphinee boxing camp about the Quotas on Saturday Evening that in the past was assigned to every promoters in order to make the list of couple boxers. However, now for the not well-known promoters , they don’t have enough works to do. In addition, these promoters have asked the questions whether to create the good boxers or give importance on the big promoters.

Moreover, the general promoters have been wondered that why in the age of the commander Surakai Chatumat that has been the head of Lumphinee Muay Thai stadium , the general promoters including of him can’t have the quatas to setup the prgram by broadcasting on every Saturday evenings differently from the past that every promoters can work of this field. However, now all quatas have assigned to Banponlamuengdee of Chun Kertphet differently with in the earlier that has Sia Bu Muengphet and Sia Mu Phuket to setup of these programs. On the other hand, now they have less programs to setup , especially for Chane Muengchon or the head of Suek Praianan, Sia Yang or Surapon Naratreekul , the head of sub-district Kae or Pramook Rochanatan , Sia Tung or Piyarat Wachirarattanawong , or even the Surgeant Tui Sangmorakot or the commander Attapong Amanan , who don’t have the name to work in this field. On the contrary, now the commander Surakai Chatumat said that everything might be better because he will allow everyone to work after Chane Muengchon has asked this question to call for the fairness of all promoters.

Chane Muengchon emphasizes that now other people are speechless , but he would like to be the representative of others by letting the commander Surakai Chatumat to review his saying by returning suitable works to everyone , especially for the general promoters to sympathize them as well. Then, he shouldn’t give importance to the big promoters and believes that they might create the good boxers with several programs only.