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Oan Muengnon boasted that there are a lots of promoters who are interested in him.

Oan Muengnon accepted that recently he had been interested by the several of promoters to contact him for setup the program with Chitmuengnon Thai boxing stadium in Thailand ;however, he hasn’t considered for each one specially.

Oan Muengnon or the teamwork of executives for Chitmuengnon training camp at Ortorkor market 3 in Nontaburi province revealed to the reporters of Muai Siam after the first match for DaewRungChitMuengnon program that was broadcasted on 26th June 2013 was successful that “There were several of promoters who contacted me no matter of Pattaya or North East ones ; however, I haven’t considered to each one specially because there are several things to do. Thus, it should wait for everything to be in the perfect way prior to talk with them again.”

Remove the dirty plan to Muay Thai camps in Thailand from the bad ones.

Bang Chu P. Saman is unable to accept the way that muay thai might be the tool of the bad ones and he pointed that now there are several ways to take this action. Then, he would like to ask the committees to cancel the case of removing the gum teeth , drag the ring and take back for fight and others which are the main problems to make the program be in the unusual way.

Bang Chu Phrabthoranee Luaklamphakchee or the former muay thai champion of international boxing style who turned his life to be the head of one muay thai training camp that now has a lot of champion boxers in his muay thai training camp revealed that ” Now, I feel uncomfortable to see the worse thing in the muay thai life or any boxer who violate the rule and take advantages from another boxer , so I would like everyone from many muay thai camps to join in this case for solving problem without being the tool of the bad ones in our societies.”

Bangchu revealed to the reporters of Muai Siam from Thailnad on last Sunday evening with his disappointing sound that “Be frankly , now the muay thai life is so dirty because of the unfairness of the judge for the committees and the violating of the rules that have taken place continuously. Moreover, these things happened from the strictness of the rule too much , such as removing gum teeth , drag ring or take back to fight in the wrong way until made that boxer failed of the game.   Then, it should cancel these rules without being the tool of the bad ones and I would like our muay thai life be progress continuously in the future by solving these problems of the game clearly.