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” SangsawangPhanphla Muay Thai training camp” complained not to fight less than 122 pounds in Thailand .

Tae Lamtrai accepted that Ninsiam SangsawangPhanphla Muay Thai training camp or the boxer in his Muay Thai camp has bigger size , so he should fight in 122 pounds after fighting with Daewfai Sitchakung. Later, he would like to fight in at least 122 pounds because his strategy might be good.

According to the last match , Ninsiam Sangsawang Phanphla has drew to Daewfai Sitchakung with funniness in Suek Muai Dee Witheethai for fighting on last Saturday of 29th March 2014. However, Ninsiam has accelerated in the final round until drawing with his couple boxer ; however, now he is hardly to reduce his weight. Thus, in the next match he would like to fight at least 122 pounds to show his good strategy and show the beautiful form to be the master boxer in the future.

“Fahsathan” is in the top form.

Now , Fahsatan is in the top form and is ready to fight in the next match ; moreover, now Chun Kertphet has made him to fight with King Kertchareonchai as the master couple boxer in Suek Muai Thai Ched See on this Saturday of 20th April at Rachadamnern boxing stadium. Thus, now Fahsatan has his chance to fight in the next match surely.

Moreover, the reporter has been revealed from Sia Mon Namsangkosang or the supporters that he would like to thank for Sia Chun Kertphet who assigns work to him continuously until Fahsathan can create the excellent form as well as thanking for Nong Rak or the commander Wichai Rachanon to bring Fasatan to us for fighting in every match.

Sia Mon revealed that he would like to thank for everyone who bring Fasathan to fight in every match because he never lose to anyone; moreover, on this 20th April 2014 he might fight with King Kertchareonchai , so he is confident that he might be the winner of the game. However, he would like everyone to send his boxer the encouragement also.