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“Fahseethong” has moved to another muay thai training camp.

Num Bangphlee has given the hand to support Fahseethong ; moreover, lately  he participated with Aut A. Bunchuai to take care of this subject as well as changing the name  of Fahseethong to be Date Dudom A. Bunchuai.

Now, Fahseethong Ch.Warachai Camp  becomes to be the one hundred names and muay thai training camps boxer due to his moving into several muay thai training camps. Later, he has created the excitement again by changing his name and last name to be under At A. Buchuai or the head muay thai training camp of Praram VIII.

Lately, the reporters has been revealed from At A. Bunchuai on last Tuesdsay that “Num Bangphlee has sympathized the old head muay thai training camp of Faseethong. Then, he bought Fahseethong from him and assigned work to me for take care of Fahseethong also , especially to command him for not behaving in the bad way again. Besides, now Fahseethong has applied the name of Dateudom to be conform with the name of Num Bangphlee and every boxers have known this subject already. As the result, I told him to be honest and pay attention to the game for rehabilitating his name again with no worrying about investment. Thus, the muay thai fans can cheer up for him on this Saturday of 15th February 2014 to fight with Densurin Kittikaserm muay thai camp at Lumphinee Thai boxing stadium”