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Fearless Angkor

Angkor Saanpalungchai camp has no fear to enter the battle with Sarawut Pitakpaphadang muay thai training camp on channel 7 stage. To protect his champion belt, he insisted to fight to death, and they are the second pair on Suk Muay Thai channel 7. The fight will be held on Sunday.

Angkor Saanpalungchai camp has just won the 108 pounds championship from Muay Siam Omnoi stage, and that is why Chun Kietphet has to bring him to fight, the 108 pounds championship on channel 7 muay thai staduim, with Sarawut Pitakpaphadang muay thai training camp , the ex-108 pounds champion Lumpini. However, he becomes weaker and weaker lately. Angkor Saanpalungchai told the press that even if he has to fight with Sarawut Pitakpaphadang on Channel 7 muay thai staduim which is Sarawut’s place, but it is not a problem because Angkor is so ready for the fight and promise to fight till death to the fans.

“Although I have to fight on channel 7 muay thai staduim, I have no fear because I am well-prepared, my health is in good stages. I strive to won the championship from both stages, it makes me looking good and will bring me fame.” Angkor said.


Jumpatong, the Underdog

Somboon Chaowadee is so excited that he cannot sleep since his son, Jumpatong Somboon muay thai training camp won the knockout from Phetnumchai Kietbanmor in Muay Thai battle on TGN. He is sure that his son will get into the final battle on the 3rd Mauy Thai Insurance for sure.

After Jumpatong Somboon knocked Phetnumchai Kietbanmor down on the first round in Muay Thai battle on TGN on Saturday, it finally took him to the battle in the 3rd Muay Thai Insurance. Somboon Chaowadee said to the press he is 100% sure that his son, Jumpatong, will get the final round because his son is brave and strong. His skills and techniques are not easy to beat.

“I’m sure he will get to the final round, so please keep an eye on him. He has not sweat from the last knockout battle with Phetnumchai. Now, he is fearless.” Somboon said.