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It believes that Thongchai will prove the performance of K. Kamphanat to the Muay Thai fans.

Kamphanat Chusuwan has accepted that now several people have seen that K. Kamphanat might be the loser on this game. However, he still believes in the working of Thongchai to select with the suitable couple one. Besides, the Muay Thai fans also believe in his working by preparing to give a large amounts of money. In addition, with the good practicing , they will fight with amusement for sure.

The big boss of K. Kamphanat boxing camp said with confirmation that now it should accept with  the better name of Kamphonlek on Suek Chao Muai Thai boxing program. Moreover, it should be confident on the amusement of this game with the good practicing of K. Kamphanat to be the champion.