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Boasted “Yodphet” can enter into the final round.


Bankham S. Khanasawad camp or the trainer of Yodphet W. Sangphraphai muay thai training camp is confident that Yodphet can enter into the final round of the million CP Freshmart tournament in Thailand for sure. Moreover, now he can neglect Kongnapha Srimongkol muay thai camp because he has got not much capacity as Yodphet. Besides, lately Yodphet had showed the best form and had defeated Nuengtakarn Excidicalyim on Suek Muai Dee Witheethai on last Saturday of 2nd February  2013 at Imperial Ladphrao muay thai stadium.

Now, Yodphet had called to be another most hopeful to win because since he had fought in CP Freshmart , he had never been lose to anyone. Lately, he had defeated Nuengtakarn Excidicalyim and made Bankham S. Khanasawad or the his trainer and the former well-known boxer revealed to the teamwork of Muai Siam that he is confident that Yodphet might enter into the final round of CP Freshmart for sure because his couple boxer or Kongnapha Srimongkol gym from Phuket seems has got not much capacity as Yodphet and he can only knee Yodphet. Then, Yodphet should be the winner for sure.

Bankham S. Khanasawad said that “ I have seen the form of Kongnapha before and it has got not much capacity as Yodphet and he got only knee to fight only. Moreover, now Yodphet is so confident in himself and got his fresh form by winning for several fights continually. Then, I am confident that Yodphet might enter into the final round for sure”


If Singdam or Yodwicha is the winner , he should gain money for 3 ways.


For the fighting of master couple boxer between Singdam and Yodwicha , they have to face with each other prior to fight on this program. Moreover, Singdam revealed that he has more disadvantages than Yodwicha for his shape because Yodwicha is taller than him. However, it should not be the hard task for him to defeat his junior boxer. While Yodwicha revealed that he is confident for 50-50 because he have to face with Singdam or one of all excellent muay thai boxers. Then, he should use his knees and his patience to fight as well and this couple boxer might have the competition for the protest of the excellent muay thai boxer in the year also in 135 pounds. Thus, if each of them can be the winner , he might gain the special prize for 100,000 baht from Doctor Pong. In conclusion , he might gain money in 3 ways.