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“O” will work with many thai boxing camps together with Cable TV in Thailand for muay thai fights at Phuket .


Madam O confirmed that for Suek OneThongChai Sanchorn of  Phuket province , it will broadcast on Cable TV in Thailand through channel Man TV by PSI on channel 166 and the yellow DVD one of channel 28  at 9.00 – 11.00 p.m. with amazing sound effect not less than other boxing matches for sure. Besides, there will be giving one part of earning to the cadets 53 version 1 to use for their daily life also.


Moreover,  for Suek OneThongChai Sanchorn of Phuket province , there will be the competition at the temporary thai boxing stadium of the gymnasium in Phuket island , so Madam O or Pariyakorn Rattanasuban will coordinate to broadcast this program on cable through Man TV by PSI of channel 166 and the yellow DVD one on channel 28 at 9.00 – 11.00 p.m.


For the couple boxers to join in this match , Rambo Phreechachitthurongarporn muay thai training camp has selected the amusing couple boxers to present no matter of  the master couple boxer or Kriangkrai T. Silachai muay thai camp to face with Lomrang S. Nakae followed by Orono Muengseema to face with Takulsing Ch. Chatuthane Camp , Ritkaewsamrit to face with Nattadate Suranareeyim , Kaiwanlek T. Laksong Thai boxing camp to face with Kathawut S. Wachirayim , Khunsuek Sitkriangkrai to face with Fachiangsan Chiangmaiphahuyut and   other great 10 couple boxers from good muay thai camps .


According to the revealing of Madam O , she said that  “this program will be the opening one that has the new plan according to the great sound effect not less than the programs that broadcast on TV.  In addition , for the one  part of earning , it will send to the cadets 53 version 1 and the vice provincial of Phuket province or the commander Chaithawat Siri will come to be the president in this competition too.”