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“Kodea” has performed his task fully for his Muay Thai fans.

Kodea or Pharanchai has accepted that  his three beloved boxers ; namely, San , Sing and Kaew Pharanchai will face with the hard task on Suek Lumphinee Champion Kirkkrai on this 9 December, 2016 at Lumphinee. In addition, he has never underestimated on any boxer prior for fighting , but oppositely  the teamwork and he have devoted themselves for the work much in order to achieve with the goal. However, it is always the difficult task for Paranchai boxing camp to take action by aiding their boxers to be the winners.


On the other hand, Paranchai boxing camp has become to be the excellent one in A.D. 2015 and in A.D. 2016 this boxing camp has grasped the second excellent one. Then, these prizes have created  the proudness to Thungsong people in Nakornsrithammarat province much because this boxing camp has made the good name to the South people of Thailand. Additionally, this boxing camp is under the management of Kodea or Pharachai Adithepworaphan ,and he is the one who pays attention with his work much as well as being the great one to perform good things. Therefore, on this Friday of 9 December in A.D. 2016 it will be the birthday of Lumphinee boxing camp , so this day will setup for Suek Lumphinee Champion Kirkkrai too. Then, it may be the difficult task for Paranchai boxers to win Phetdam , Phetyindee Academy , the fresh form as Phetphailin Singbangsrang.


Kodea said that it isn’t the easy task for his boxers to fight with the excellent ones ; namely, San to bargain weight for Mongkoldatelek in 129/130 with his fresher form , bigger sizes and better performance. While Sing has lost to this next couple one before as well as Kaew to fight with the fresh form as Phetphailin. Finally, as far as concerned, it is such a difficult level for them to win all these boxers much.

“Muai Thai League” is in the intensive way.

Atchariya Ramdate or the teamwork of Suek Toyota Muai Thai League in A.D. 2016 said that the match of this Friday 6 December, 2016 might be more amusing than the past match for sure. Besides, most of the boxers in the this match have already fought on the first round , so the ones with 3 scores would like to increase the scores to themselves on the next round. On the other hand, the ones who miss for the first three scores should work harder to find the solution for entering into the next round further.

For the movement of Suek Toyota Muai Thai League in A.D. 2016 on Friday of 9 December, 2016 at Lumphinee , now it has broadcasted on Thairat TV of channel 36 since 4.00-5.30 p.m. Moreover, this program was setup by P. Thai League company limited in order to present the Thai boxing on League form as the first one in the world. Similarly, Atchariya Ramdate or the teamwork of Suek Toyota Muai Thai League said that for this week it is the fourth week , so we can develop in many ways to allow the Thai boxers in Thai League to fight in the most exciting way.

It will setup for the junior program of “Kertphet”.

On this Tuesday of 2nd August in 2016, Onechainoi Singplapaknoi or the well-known boxer with small size is ready to fight with another excellent one with small size named Palangphob Ph. Muengphet. Besides, he used to fight with the great performance ones. Thus, in this match the head of the boxing camp is really confident in the form of this boxer to be the winner of this match easily.

For Suek Kertphet to fight for the small size couple ones, it shouldn’t miss for watching these couple ones at Lumphinee Ramintra boxing stadium ; namely, the first one or Offside Huarongnamkhaeng fighting with Sanchainoi Singbansrang following by the second one or Onechainoi Singplapaknoi fighting with Palangphob Ph. Muengphet and the third one or Khomphet Sitsarawatsia fighting with Khomphai Mahachaiphattana. In addition, now Dabwithee Chaingam or the head boxing camp or the father of Onechainoi has revealed that in this match the Muay Thai fans should come to cheer up for Onechainoi much because of his good practicing and training at Banplapaknoi in Nakornphanom province. Then, it shouldn’t be the problem for him although his couple one or Palangphob is the knee boxer because he has fought with the greater performance ones before.

“Mit” confirms that “Rangkhao” might defeat of “Klasuek” to face with “Phetsongkhom” certainly.

Mit Nakorn has emphasized on Rangkhao W. Sangphraphai to prepare himself as the best way prior to fight with Klasuek Phetchinda as the supporting one of Suek One Weeraphon on this 10th June. Besides, this game might broadcast at Lumphinee with the confidence of the shape and the fresher form of Rangkhao to overcome and protect the champion in 126 pounds for sure. Similarly, he might show the great form to gain a large amounts of money on this game definitely.

Therefore, Mit Nakorn said that now Rangkhao W. Sangphraphai has his queue to protect the champion of Thailand in 126 pounds with Klasuek Phetchinda as the supporting couple one of Suek Oneweeraphon on this Friday of 10th June. Then, this game might be the most interesting one to be cheered up. Moreover, Mit Nakorn has revealed that for this match he has warned for Rangkhao to prepare himself as the best way prior to fight on this match. Fortunately, now he has his perfect body condition in order to pass into the final round for protecting the champion surely with his larger shape. Then, he might gain a large amounts of money from receiving of the special prize, and Mit Nakorn will be ready to send Phetsongkhom Sitchareonthrab to get revenge with him in  the next match immediately if he has become to be the winner of this match.

Cheer up excitedly for Muai Thai in Insurance boxing round.

For 9th Muai Thai in Insurant boxing round, now it has come to the exciting moment after the one of the group of A Esarnkhao or Numpornthep has challenged to pass into the second final round with the first rank scores by knocking the couple ones for 3 times continuously. However, the next boxer to fight further for the group is Thangthong Phetmaneerat for fighting with Phetseemok W. Wichitpromotion on Suek Maemai Muai Thai to fight on this Saturday of 14th May in 2016 at Lumphinee boxing stadium. Thus, it should predict about the result of this game much.

For Thangthong , with his 2 works he has won to knock for New Luak Rak Singphomphrab on the third round and being knocked by Esarnkhao or Numpornthep on the fourth round with 3 scores. In the same way, Phetsemok or another one has knocked by Esarnkhao or Numpornthep on the fourth round and win the scores of Newluakrak Singphomphrab with 2 scores. Thus, these 2 winners have passed into the next round as the second rank of the group.

Therefore, there are the other , such as Densrabua Nayok A fighting with Namsuek Sitmorsan in 113 pounds while it has the master one ; namely, Phetriangrit Sitphandang fighting with Chaising Keelasports in 122 pounds on this program.