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“Prachanban Wisutechareanyon Camp ” aimed to be the muay thai or Thai boxing champion in Thailand .

Phrachanban Wisutechareanyon Camp or the new excellent boxer of Suek OneThongChai had showed his good form and be favored to the popular promoter in Thailand or Thongchai Rattanasuban who predicted that Phrachanban will have his good fortune in Thai boxing circle for sure. Then, the muay thai fans should catch the eyes on  him well and Sia Wisute or the big boss of the boxing camp is assured that in this year , Phrachanban might be the well-known boxer not less than Raktemroi or the senior excellent boxer for sure. Furthermore, he will have the new chance to grasp for the champion with Sanchai T. Laksong muay thai training camp as well.

For Suek Mahachon OneThongChai , it will allocate for all of the new 4 excellent promoters ; namely, Chamnong Muengseema , Chanarin Phrathum , Beaw Luammakhamwarn and Thep Thamma who are assigned work by Thongchai Rattanasuban to setup of the million baht OneThongChai in the next match. However, although this next match is still the small one , but it has good quality by having the meeting of the fresh couple boxer from different match between Phrachanban Wisutechareanyon Camp from Suek OneThongChai to face with Daewroat Chitmuengnon muay thai training camp from Suek Bangrachan and for this couple boxer, Phrachanban had bargained his weight to Daewrote Chitmeungnon for 2 pounds also. However, both of them all have their great strategies to fight with funniness. Then, the muay thai fans shouldn’t miss to watch in this program in order to let Phrachanban to get revenge for Raktemroi Wisutechareanyon Camp. Besides,if he can overcome Daewrote or the representative of Suek OneThongChai , the promoters would like him to grasp for the champion of 105 pounds in the next match from Sanchai T. Laksong muay thai camp. Furthermore, the promoters believe that Phrachanban will have his new chance to be the winner without making the disappointment to the cheer leaders from Chonburi and Phuket for sure.