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Prai revealed to improve the setup of thai boxing programs.

After finishing from the meeting , Prai Panyalak or the committee of Rachadamnern muay thai stadium and the president at the meeting said that “For this meeting , we talked about how to improve the set up of boxing programs by the promoters in next 3 months because in last 3 months, we had lost benefits much , so in the next 3 months , we should improve the way to setup the boxing programs in order to response to everyone’s needs.

The guard was standing in front of the meeting.

Furthermore, the executives and promoters of Rachadamnern muay thai stadium meeting on last 13rd June in 2013 was different than  the past times because this meeting had the setup of the guard for more than 10 people who were standing in front of the meeting strictly during the meeting without allow anyone to come near the meeting room as well as any mass media to report the news as the past times until the meeting was finished at 7.30 p.m. by spending times of 1 hours after beginning the meeting at 6.30 p.m.

Improve the way to open the entrance and exit doors.

What’s more, the committee of Rachadamnern muay thai stadium said additionally that for this meeting , I informed everyone to know about his incident and confirmed the officials to take care of the entrance and exit doors more strictly including to taking convenient for the muay thai fans who paid their money to watch next the game at most because in the past , we had to accept that we are based on the Thai muay thai fans more than the foreigner ones pretty much.