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Pick up his clothes to practice at P. Peannaphat, “Superjack” would like to be the champion again.

Now, Superjack S. Yuphinda has come back to fight as the great boxer by moving to practice at Phetphokao P. Peannaphat boxing camp at Bangkhunthian. Moreover, this place is the old home that he has practiced himself to gain the good name with the supporting by Sawai Phetphaokao in excellent way. Therefore, K Rama II or the great dad has guaranteed that later Superjack might become to be the well-known one to grasp the champion only.

Then, Superjack S. Yuphinda or the tall one has become to be the good fortune boxer because he has the quality teamwork to assist him , such as Mit Nakorn or Sumate Siasattabongkot and K Rama II or the great dad to be the supporter. Besides, although in the previous time there are someone to cheer up him to fight in the countryside , K Rama II has let him for taking a rest for a while. Therefore, now Superjack has returned to practice himself at Phet Phokao and P. Peannaphat boxing camp that is the old one for him to practice himself with the good taking care by Phet Phokao. Thus, he feels as coming back to the old home and his great dad is confident that this time he might become to be the well-known one with the great confidence of Phetphaokao and P. Peannaphat teamwork as well as hoping to grasp the champion belt too.

K Rama II said that in this moment he is gladdest that his son or Superjack has come back to practice himself again. What’s more, in this time he has the promise that his son might grasp the champion belt for him , especially to practice at Phet Phokao or the old home of him to become the well-known one by the supporter as Phet Phaokao that he has trusted to take care of his son fully.