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“Phanphayak” will ask for the new weight in fighting.

For the excellent boxer in 3 years or Phanphayak Chitmuengnon, now he would like to ask for Big Song to reconsider about his weight again by fighting in only 126 pounds equally to his couple one only. Besides, on the last time Sangmanee has fought in 126 pounds before, so in this time he might not get any trouble surely.

Now, the program of Suek One Thong Chai has announced for the new match on 9th June in 2016 ; namely, Sangmanee S. Thainnoi to fight with the excellent one in 3 years or Phanphayak Chitmuengnon again. Besides, in this time he will be bargained his weight by his couple one for 1 pound or 128/129 pounds in with the promoter considering. However, lately the reporters of Muai Siam have been complaint from Phanphayak to review about the weight to fight in the new way to gain the most benefits to both of them.

Phanphayak has revealed his mind to the reporters of Muai Siam that he would like the promoter to set up the weight to fight in only 126 pounds only equally with his couple one in order not to have his more disadvantages than his couple one too much. Significantly, he is unable to fight in much weight than this weight oppositely to his couple one to do exceedingly in 133 pounds.

It has supported “San Phraranchai” to become the excellent boxer.

Promoter Chun Kertphet has admired in the good spirit of sacrificing for Kodea or Pharanchai Adithepworaphan to fight with Phanphayak Chitmuengnon by bargaining weight for only 1 pound.  Then, the well-known boxer from Thungsong has the aim to be the excellent boxer of the year ; therefore, everything might not beyond the truth definitely.

In addition, lately San Pharanchai or the excellent knee boxer can overcome Superlek of Rattanabundit university beautifully. Then, in the next match he might fight with Phanphayak Chitmuengnon as the master couple one by being supported with the promoter Chun Kertphet in Suek Lumphinee Champion Kirkkrai on this Friday of 5th June 2015 at Lumphinee boxing stadium. Besides, the promoter has revealed to the reporters that this couple one has been selected by taking a lot of times. However, he would like to admire in the spirit on sacrificing of Kodea or Pharanchai Adithepworaphan to let San Pharanchai to reduce his weight to fight in 126 pounds. Normally, he always fight without less than 129 pounds , but in this time he might bargain his weight to Phanphayak or the better one for 1 pound. As the result, the Muay Thai fans in Thailand might have a good opportunity to watch this hot game surely.

Furthermore, Kodea or the famous head of Thungsong has said to the reporters that along the time he has devoted himself and sacrificed for this boxing circle fully. However, for the case study of San Pharanchai he has set up the goal not only for being the champion of Lumphinee boxing stadium but also aimed at being the excellent boxer of the year. Therefore, it can be possible to fight with Superlek if passing from Phanphayak in the next match to gain the next opened chance to fight. In addition, in this match San Pharanchai has trained himself much although he has to reduce his weight. Thus, the Muay Thai fans in Thailand should send the encouragement to him and Pharanchai boxing camp with considering for the good name and quality first.

Don’t obstruct “Phetchiangyean Chitmuengnon muay thai camp”

Kulapkhao Na Nontachai boasted with confidence that  “This time , Phetchiangyean Chitmuengnon muay thai camp is in the way of diligence , so from my viewing it shows that on this Saturday that he will face with Phanphayak , he might become the winner for sure. Besides, they will fight as the master couple boxer of Suek Muai Dee Withee Thai on this Saturday of 16th November 2013 at Imperial Ladprao muay thai stadium.


Moreover, it is the fighting on direct place and time for the couple boxer of Phetchiangyean Chitmeungnon and Phanphayak Khokchangai after they have showed their fresh forms to fight for other couple boxers. Lately, they will face with each other as the master couple boxer of Suek Muai Dee Withee Thai broadcasted on this Saturday of 16th November. Then, Nontachai said that “For Phetchiangyean Chitmuengnon or the disciple of me , now he is diligent much after winning for several matches.  In addition, he has much attention to practice himself , so I think that he might overcome Phanphayak because of his much strength.”


The  big boss of Chitmuengnon said that “Now, it is still in the good form because now Phetchiangyean has showed his good form for several matches with his good attention to fight with his good body condition. Then, it is surely that on this Saturday , he might face with Phanphayak Khokchangai or the talented boxer which might not resist for his strength of course.”