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It expects for “Phayaluang” to be the champion.

Although Phayaluang Ch. Haphayak has fought twice times , he has never lost to anyone. Moreover, now he has passed into the Semi Final round of 6th Weber Tukkae boxing round in line A. However, the big bosses named Chai Sukhothai and Na Luang Flukbameekaew always knows about the good performance of Sibmeun Sitsavebuntham. Then, recently they have warned this boxer to show the good form and maintain the boxing style with the good standard as the past. Then, he might not lose the important scores to his couple one in the first match.

Now, Chai Sukhothai and Na Luang Flukbameekaew or the big boss of Ch. Haphayak boxing camp said with revealing about the readiness of Phayakluang Ch. Haphayak for fighting in the final round of 6th Weber Tukkae  in the last match already. In addition, this game will broadcast on Suek Chao Muai Thai on this Saturday of 30 July in 2016 at Omnoi boxing stadium on channel 3 between Phayaluang fighting with Sibmeun Sitsavebuntham. What’s more, recently Phayaluang has fought twice times without losing to anyone until gaining for 5 scores and passing into the Semi Final round. On the other hand, Phayaluang can’t be careless for his couple one too ,especially to be expected from the Muay Thai fans much. Finally, this boxer is diligent and has the good attention to practice himself , so the Muay Thai fans can come to cheer up him with the good confidence for him to be the winner.