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“Chomhoad” Planned to be the winner.

“The lawyer Toi” or Somboon Nirutthimethee or the big head of Sakami muay thai training camp believes that how to train himself of Chomhoad Sakami Camp might be perfect. Besides, in the next match Chomhoad might face with Phenthai Sitnumnoi muay thai camp and he is confident that he might overcome his couple boxer after taking turn to be the loser and the winner with him for several times. However, Chomhoad never be afraid of the style of boxer also.

After Chomhoad Sakami has the new queue to fight with Phenthai Sitnumnoi muay thai camp as the master couple boxer in Suek anniversary of 9th year World Boxing Council  Muai Thai Champion and Kert Phet Chedsee broadcasted on this Sunday of 28th April in 2013 through Siam Keela TV – True live at 10.00 p.m. at Muai Bangla in Phuket , Thailand , the big head of the boxing camp or the Lawyer Toi revealed to the teamwork that “For this fight, Chomhoad has trained himself harder and his body condition is perfect. Then, for this first fight that he has lost  his couple boxer ,it was because of his not enough of training and exhaust. However, in the last fight he could overcome his couple boxer at Lumphinee muay thai stadium. Thus, I am confident that Chomhoad might overcome his couple boxer by using his strategy and his smartness. However, he shouldn’t be careless because Phenthai has his good strategy to fight also.”

“The Lawyer Toi” said that for this fight Chomhoad has been trained himself harder and his condition of body is better than the last time. Moreover, in the prior match he had lost his couple boxer because of his not well condition of body.  On the other hand, in the last match , he could overcome his couple boxer with his proud. Then, in this fight , Chomhoad might use his good strategy and his smartness to overcome his couple boxer easily again. In addition , he never be afraid of this style of boxing and he would like to best regard for Phenthai to fight well in order not to be knocked.”