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Don’t obstruct “Phetchiangyean Chitmuengnon muay thai camp”

Kulapkhao Na Nontachai boasted with confidence that  “This time , Phetchiangyean Chitmuengnon muay thai camp is in the way of diligence , so from my viewing it shows that on this Saturday that he will face with Phanphayak , he might become the winner for sure. Besides, they will fight as the master couple boxer of Suek Muai Dee Withee Thai on this Saturday of 16th November 2013 at Imperial Ladprao muay thai stadium.


Moreover, it is the fighting on direct place and time for the couple boxer of Phetchiangyean Chitmeungnon and Phanphayak Khokchangai after they have showed their fresh forms to fight for other couple boxers. Lately, they will face with each other as the master couple boxer of Suek Muai Dee Withee Thai broadcasted on this Saturday of 16th November. Then, Nontachai said that “For Phetchiangyean Chitmuengnon or the disciple of me , now he is diligent much after winning for several matches.  In addition, he has much attention to practice himself , so I think that he might overcome Phanphayak because of his much strength.”


The  big boss of Chitmuengnon said that “Now, it is still in the good form because now Phetchiangyean has showed his good form for several matches with his good attention to fight with his good body condition. Then, it is surely that on this Saturday , he might face with Phanphayak Khokchangai or the talented boxer which might not resist for his strength of course.”