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“Superbank Sakchaichote muay thai camp” would like to reduce his weight to thai boxing fight in Thailand .

Duang Sakchaichote pointed that fighting in 128 pounds for his boxer isn’t the easy task. However, Superbank Sakchaichote muay thai camp has to face with the older boxer as Singthongnoi P. Telakul muay thai training camp, so he has to fight in the bigger weight that should be the big problem to him unlikely to fight in 126 – 127 pounds that he is familiar with these weights better than 128 pounds. Then, if the promoter set up for the program for Superbank to fight in 126 or 127 pounds , it would be good for superbank much.

Besides, after Superbank had got revenge to Rittidate W. Wantawee thai boxing camp beautifully in Lumphinee muay thai stadium in Thailand , on this 3rd June in  2013,  Superbank will fight again as the master couple boxer in Suek OneThongChai to gain 100,000 baht with Singthongnoi P. Telakul on the million baht OneThongChai Superfight at Rachadamnern muay thai stadium by the setup of Thongchai Rattanasuban to fight in 128 pounds again. However, both of them has each different style of boxing , but Superbank has his more talents than his couple boxer or Singthongnoi as well. On the other hand, Singthongnoi has more strength than him.

On last Sunday night , the reporters of Muai Siam Daily had interviewed Duang Sakchaichote or the seniors of Superbank and he said that “For this Thai boxing match, Superbank has more disadvantages for the weight , so it should reduce the weight into 126 or 127 pounds that will be good for him although Singthongnoi might have his older age than Superbank. Thus, if the promoter can reduce the weight into these weights , we will thank you for the promoter much. Besides, now Superbank had just finished from fighting in the amateur rounds and grasped for the muay thai Champion of Thailand. Moreover, now he has practiced himself for 70-80 percent ,and  it can be sure that he might be ready to fight in the next match certainly.”